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Convert dictionaries in Lingvo DSL format to AppleDict format. Depends on pyglossary, iconv, OSX Command Line Tools for Xcode, dictzip, and OSX Dictionary Development Kit
#!/usr/bin/env bash
usage="Convert Lingvo DSL source to AppleDict\n
\t${0##*/} <dictionary.dsl|> \n
- pyglossary is located in ~/projects/pyglossary/pyglossary.pyw (edit this script to modify the value)\n
- DSL input file is UTF-16\n
- .dsl and files are accepted\n
- PyGlossary from\n
\tget it from git:\n
\t\tgit clone\n
- Command Line Tools for Xcode\n
- Dictionary Development Kit as part of Auxillary Tools for Xcode <>_. Extract to /Developer/Extras/Dictionary Development Kit\n
- dictzip, if you need to work with compressed .dz files\n
Also see the pyglossary readme file:\n
if [ "$1" == "-h" ] || [ "$1" == "--help" ] || [ "$#" != "1" ] ; then
echo -e $usage
exit ;
if [[ "${utf16dsl}" == *.dz ]] ; then
echo File is compressed! Uncompressing...
dictzip -k -v -d "$utf16dsl"
echo utf8dsl= "$utf8dsl"
echo converting "$utf16dsl" to "$utf8dsl"...
iconv -f UTF-16 -t UTF-8 "$utf16dsl" > "$utf8dsl"
echo conversion to UTF-8 done!
echo converting "$utf8dsl" to AppleDictFormat
python3 "$PYGLOSSARY_HOME/pyglossary.pyw" --read-format=ABBYYLingvoDSL --write-format=AppleDict "$utf8dsl" "${utf8dsl%.dsl}.xml"
cd "${utf8dsl%.dsl}"
echo Running make ...
echo running make install...
make install
read -p "run make clean? (press CTR+c to cancel)"
echo cleaning up
make clean
#cleanup and remove unpacked .dz file if exists
if [ $is_dictzip == true ] ; then
read -p "Remove generated files?"
echo deleting generated files...
rm "$utf8dsl"
rm "${utf8dsl%.dsl}.xml"
rm "${utf8dsl%.dsl}.plist"
rm "${utf8dsl%.dsl}.css"
echo removing unpacked .dz file...
rm "$utf16dsl"
echo All Finished!

finnbaer commented Dec 10, 2016

Got multiple errors while trying to convert Lingvo CollinsCobuild dictionary on a Mac:

FinnbaersMac:projects finnbaer$ ./ CollinsCobuildEnEn.lsd
utf8dsl= CollinsCobuildEnEn.lsd_utf8.dsl
converting CollinsCobuildEnEn.lsd to CollinsCobuildEnEn.lsd_utf8.dsl...

iconv: CollinsCobuildEnEn.lsd:1:229: cannot convert
conversion to UTF-8 done!
converting CollinsCobuildEnEn.lsd_utf8.dsl to AppleDictFormat
no Reader class found in ABBYYLingvoDSL plugin, falling back to indirect mode

Writing to file "/Users/finnbaer/projects/CollinsCobuildEnEn.lsd_utf8.xml"
Writing|██████████████████████████████████████████████████|100.0% Time: 00:00:00

Running time of convert: 0.0 seconds
Writing file "CollinsCobuildEnEn.lsd_utf8.xml" done.
Running make ...
"""/Developer/Extras/Dictionary Development Kit"/bin"/" "CollinsCobuildEnEn.lsd_utf8" "CollinsCobuildEnEn.lsd_utf8.xml" "CollinsCobuildEnEn.lsd_utf8.css" "CollinsCobuildEnEn.lsd_utf8.plist"

  • Building CollinsCobuildEnEn.lsd_utf8.dictionary.
  • Cleaning objects directory.
  • Preparing dictionary template.
  • Preprocessing dictionary sources.
    seek() on closed filehandle ARGV at /Developer/Extras/Dictionary Development Kit/bin/ line 38, <> chunk 4.
    Use of uninitialized value $_ in pattern match (m//) at /Developer/Extras/Dictionary Development Kit/bin/ line 39, <> chunk 4.
    Died at /Developer/Extras/Dictionary Development Kit/bin/ line 39, <> chunk 4.
    make: *** [all] Error 1
    running make install...
    echo "Installing into ~/Library/Dictionaries".
    Installing into ~/Library/Dictionaries.
    mkdir -p ~/Library/Dictionaries
    ditto --noextattr --norsrc ./objects/"CollinsCobuildEnEn.lsd_utf8".dictionary ~/Library/Dictionaries/"CollinsCobuildEnEn.lsd_utf8".dictionary
    ditto: can't get real path for source './objects/CollinsCobuildEnEn.lsd_utf8.dictionary'
    make: *** [install] Error 1
    run make clean? (press CTR+c to cancel)
    cleaning up
    /bin/rm -rf ./objects
    All Finished!

I've tried to convert a dsl file to apple dictionary but got errors. Picture is attached. I have no idea what problem is. Could you help me and convert 3 files from dsl to apple dictionary please? Files are here
screen shot 2017-08-14 at 16 55 28

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