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File: PST2GB.exe
P32Dasm v2.80
VB6 Application detected ... NCode
00409670: Private dlgDialog.lblQ245025_Click()
00409676: push __vbaExceptHandler
004096DA: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
004096E0: mov esi, __vbaStrToAnsi
004096EB: push "C:\"
00409703: push ""
0040970F: push "Open"
0040971C: call SHELL32.ShellExecuteA
00409721: call __vbaSetSystemError
00409739: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040975E: call __vbaFreeStrList
00409790: Private dlgDialog.lblQ252336_Click()
00409796: push __vbaExceptHandler
004097FA: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
00409800: mov esi, __vbaStrToAnsi
0040980B: push "C:\"
00409823: push ""
0040982F: push "Open"
0040983C: call SHELL32.ShellExecuteA
00409841: call __vbaSetSystemError
00409859: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040987E: call __vbaFreeStrList
004098B0: Private dlgDialog.Sub_1_3
Not found end of the procedure! Automatic setting size to: 16
004098C0: Private dlgDialog.OKButton_Click()
004098C6: push __vbaExceptHandler
00409918: call __vbaNew2
0040992E: call __vbaObjSetAddref
0040994B: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
00409954: call __vbaFreeObj
00409967: call __vbaFreeObj
004099AE: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
00409F10: Sub frmAbout.StartSysInfo
00409F16: push __vbaExceptHandler
00409F73: call __vbaOnError ; On Error ...
00409F79: mov edx, "PATH"
00409F81: mov edi, __vbaStrCopy
00409F89: mov edx, "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools\MSINFO"
00409FD0: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
00409FEC: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040A002: mov edx, "MSINFO"
0040A00C: mov edx, "SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shared Tools Location"
0040A053: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040A069: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040A07F: push "\MSINFO32.EXE"
0040A084: mov edi, __vbaStrCat ; &
0040A09B: call rtcDir ; Dir()
0040A0A6: call __vbaStrMove
0040A0B2: call __vbaStrCmp
0040A0C5: call __vbaFreeStr
0040A0CE: call __vbaFreeVar
0040A0DD: push "\MSINFO32.EXE"
0040A0E9: call __vbaStrMove
0040A102: call rtcShell ; Shell()
0040A128: mov d,[ebp][XX], "System Information Is Unavailable At This Time"
0040A13C: call __vbaVarDup
0040A154: call rtcMsgBox ; MsgBox()
0040A16C: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040A175: call __vbaExitProc
0040A18D: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040A1A5: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040A1B2: call __vbaFreeStr
0040A1E0: Function frmAbout.GetKeyValue (KeyRoot, KeyName, SubKeyRef, KeyVal)
0040A1E6: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040A21D: mov esi, __vbaStrToAnsi
0040A270: call ADVAPI32.RegOpenKeyExA
0040A27B: call __vbaSetSystemError
0040A286: call __vbaStrToUnicode
0040A28F: call __vbaFreeStr
0040A2B4: call rtcStringBstr ; String$()
0040A2BA: mov ebx, __vbaStrMove
0040A2CA: call __vbaFreeVar
0040A303: call __vbaSetSystemError
0040A311: call __vbaStrToUnicode
0040A31F: call __vbaStrToUnicode
0040A32F: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040A344: call __vbaStrCopy
0040A38A: call rtcMidCharVar ; Mid()
0040A398: call __vbaStrVarVal
0040A39F: call rtcAnsiValueBstr ; Asc()
0040A3B3: call __vbaFreeStr
0040A3C3: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040A3FC: call rtcLeftCharVar ; Left()
0040A42A: call rtcLeftCharVar ; Left()
0040A434: call __vbaStrVarMove
0040A444: call __vbaFreeVar
0040A461: call __vbaLenBstr ; Len()
0040A4B8: call rtcMidCharVar ; Mid()
0040A4C6: call __vbaStrVarVal
0040A4CD: call rtcAnsiValueBstr ; Asc()
0040A4E6: call rtcHexVarFromVar ; Hex()
0040A4FE: call __vbaVarAdd
0040A505: call __vbaStrVarMove
0040A514: call __vbaFreeStr
0040A533: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040A550: push "&h"
0040A564: call __vbaStrCat ; &
0040A580: call rtcBstrFromFormatVar
0040A596: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040A5A7: call __vbaStrCopy
0040A5B8: call ADVAPI32.RegCloseKey
0040A5BD: call __vbaSetSystemError
0040A5D4: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040A5F3: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040A600: call __vbaFreeStr
0040A630: call __vbaErrorOverflow
00409990: Private frmAbout.Sub_2_3
Not found end of the procedure! Automatic setting size to: 48
004099AE: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
004099C0: Private frmAbout.cmdOK_Click()
004099C6: push __vbaExceptHandler
00409A18: call __vbaNew2
00409A2E: call __vbaObjSetAddref
00409A4B: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
00409A54: call __vbaFreeObj
00409A67: call __vbaFreeObj
00409A90: Private frmAbout.Form_Load()
00409A96: push __vbaExceptHandler
00409B12: call __vbaNew2
00409B37: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
00409B5B: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
00409B66: push "About "
00409B6C: call __vbaStrCat ; &
00409B72: mov esi, __vbaStrMove
00409B8A: mov ebx, __vbaHresultCheckObj
00409B9D: mov ebx, __vbaHresultCheckObj
00409BAD: call __vbaFreeStrList
00409BB9: call __vbaFreeObj
00409BCD: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
00409BEC: call __vbaNew2
00409C4C: call __vbaNew2
00409CAC: call __vbaNew2
00409D02: mov edi, __vbaStrI2
00409D08: push "Version "
00409D1A: call __vbaStrCat ; &
00409D28: push "."
00409D2D: call __vbaStrCat ; &
00409D49: call __vbaStrCat ; &
00409D57: push "."
00409D5C: call __vbaStrCat ; &
00409D78: call __vbaStrCat ; &
00409D96: mov edi, __vbaHresultCheckObj
00409D9E: push "????????"
00409DA9: mov edi, __vbaHresultCheckObj
00409DD1: call __vbaFreeStrList
00409DE9: call __vbaFreeObjList
00409E03: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
00409E1E: call __vbaNew2
00409E77: push "????????"
00409E83: call __vbaFreeStr
00409E93: call __vbaFreeObjList
00409ECC: call __vbaFreeStrList
00409EE4: call __vbaFreeObjList
0040A640: Private frmAbout.lblEmail_Click()
0040A646: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040A6AA: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040A6B0: mov esi, __vbaStrToAnsi
0040A6BB: push "C:\"
0040A6D3: push ""
0040A6DF: push "Open"
0040A6EC: call SHELL32.ShellExecuteA
0040A6F1: call __vbaSetSystemError
0040A709: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040A72E: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040A760: Private frmPSTRecover.txtByteCut_LostFocus()
0040A766: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040A7CF: mov ebx, __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040A807: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040A816: call __vbaStrCmp
0040A828: call __vbaFreeStr
0040A831: call __vbaFreeObj
0040A862: mov d,[ebp][XX], "Please enter a value between 1 MB and 1500000 MB."
0040A870: call __vbaVarDup
0040A888: call rtcMsgBox ; MsgBox()
0040A8A0: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040A8BB: push "25.00"
0040A8DB: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040A8E4: call __vbaFreeObj
0040A91B: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040A93C: mov d,[ebp][XX], "#,##0.00"
0040A94D: call __vbaVarDup
0040A957: call __vbaR8Str
0040A98A: call _adj_fdiv_m64
0040A9A9: call rtcVarFromFormatVar
0040A9B9: call __vbaStrVarVal
0040A9CC: push "????????"
0040A9D3: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040A9E3: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040A9F3: call __vbaFreeObjList
0040AA3B: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040AA5C: mov d,[ebp][XX], "#,##0.00"
0040AA6D: call __vbaVarDup
0040AA77: call __vbaR8Str
0040AAAA: call _adj_fdiv_m64
0040AAC9: call rtcVarFromFormatVar
0040AAD9: call __vbaStrVarVal
0040AAEC: push "????????"
0040AAF3: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040AB03: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040AB13: call __vbaFreeObjList
0040AB27: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040AB49: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040AB59: call __vbaFreeObjList
0040AB71: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040AB9B: jmp __vbaFPException
0040ABA0: Private frmPSTRecover.txtByteCut_Change()
0040ABA6: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040AC06: mov ebx, __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040AC34: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040AC43: call __vbaStrCmp
0040AC56: call __vbaFreeStr
0040AC5F: call __vbaFreeObj
0040AC9F: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040ACBD: mov d,[ebp][XX], "#,##0.00"
0040ACCB: call __vbaVarDup
0040ACD5: call __vbaR8Str
0040AD06: call _adj_fdiv_m64
0040AD27: call rtcVarFromFormatVar
0040AD37: call __vbaStrVarVal
0040AD4A: push "????????"
0040AD51: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040AD61: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040AD71: call __vbaFreeObjList
0040AD85: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040AD97: mov ebx, __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040ADC5: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040ADE3: mov d,[ebp][XX], "#,##0.00"
0040ADF1: call __vbaVarDup
0040AE27: call _adj_fdiv_m64
0040AE3C: call __vbaR8Str
0040AE65: call _adj_fdiv_m64
0040AE74: call __vbaFpCDblR8
0040AEA4: call rtcVarFromFormatVar
0040AEB4: call __vbaStrVarVal
0040AEC7: push "????????"
0040AECE: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040AEDE: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040AEEE: call __vbaFreeObjList
0040AF02: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040AF1F: push "0.00"
0040AF32: push "????????"
0040AF39: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040AF3F: mov edi, __vbaFreeObj
0040AF5C: push "0.00"
0040AF6F: push "????????"
0040AF76: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040AF9A: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040AFAA: call __vbaFreeObjList
0040AFBE: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040AFE8: jmp __vbaFPException
0040AFF0: Private frmPSTRecover.txtByteCut_KeyPress(KeyAscii As Integer)
0040AFF6: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040B068: call __vbaStrI2
0040B073: call __vbaStrMove
0040B07A: call rtcAnsiValueBstr ; Asc()
0040B091: call __vbaStrI2
0040B09C: call __vbaStrMove
0040B0A3: call rtcAnsiValueBstr ; Asc()
0040B0C8: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040B0D6: mov ebx, __vbaVarDup
0040B0FE: mov d,[ebp][XX], "Only numbers 0 through 9 are allowed."
0040B120: call rtcMsgBox ; MsgBox()
0040B138: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040B148: mov ebx, __vbaVarDup
0040B15C: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040B183: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040B18C: mov esi, __vbaStrMove
0040B1A1: call __vbaFreeObj
0040B1B0: mov d,[ebp][XX], "###0.00"
0040B1E0: call rtcVarFromFormatVar
0040B1EA: call __vbaStrVarMove
0040B201: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040B218: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040B23F: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040B249: call rtcR8ValFromBstr ; Val()
0040B24F: call __vbaFpR8
0040B27A: call rtcR8ValFromBstr ; Val()
0040B280: call __vbaFpR8
0040B2B0: call __vbaStrCmp
0040B2D6: call __vbaFreeStr
0040B2DF: call __vbaFreeObj
0040B310: mov d,[ebp][XX], "Please enter a value between 1 MB and 1500000 MB."
0040B332: call rtcMsgBox ; MsgBox()
0040B34A: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040B353: mov edx, "25"
0040B35B: call __vbaStrCopy
0040B377: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040B39E: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040B3A7: call __vbaFreeObj
0040B3C4: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040B3D0: call __vbaFreeObj
0040B3E8: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040B3F2: mov esi, __vbaFreeStr
0040B430: Private frmPSTRecover.cmdBrowse_Click()
0040B436: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040B46F: call CommonDlg.Sub_27
0040B4A0: Private frmPSTRecover.cmdCreate_Click()
0040B4A6: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040B4DF: call CommonDlg.Sub_28
0040B510: Private frmPSTRecover.cmdClose_Click()
0040B516: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040B568: call __vbaNew2
0040B57E: call __vbaObjSetAddref
0040B59B: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040B5A4: call __vbaFreeObj
0040B5B7: call __vbaFreeObj
0040B5E0: Private frmPSTRecover.cmdStart_Click()
0040B5E6: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040B5FE: call __vbaChkstk
0040B645: call __vbaOnError ; On Error ...
0040B666: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040B6B4: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040B6D0: push "No file selected"
0040B6D5: call __vbaStrCmp
0040B6EC: call __vbaFreeStr
0040B6F5: call __vbaFreeObj
0040B741: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "Must select an existing valid .pst file to recover."
0040B75E: call __vbaVarDup
0040B779: call rtcMsgBox ; MsgBox()
0040B794: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040B7A4: call CommonDlg.Sub_27
0040B7CE: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040B81C: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040B85A: call rtcDir ; Dir()
0040B865: call __vbaStrMove
0040B871: call __vbaStrCmp
0040B888: call __vbaFreeStr
0040B891: call __vbaFreeObj
0040B89A: call __vbaFreeVar
0040B8E6: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "Must select an existing valid .pst file to recover."
0040B903: call __vbaVarDup
0040B91E: call rtcMsgBox ; MsgBox()
0040B939: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040B949: call CommonDlg.Sub_27
0040B955: call rtcErrObj ; Err
0040B960: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040B981: call __vbaFreeObj
0040B9A7: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040B9F5: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040BA11: push "No file selected"
0040BA16: call __vbaStrCmp
0040BA2D: call __vbaFreeStr
0040BA36: call __vbaFreeObj
0040BA82: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "Must select a target file to restore to."
0040BA9F: call __vbaVarDup
0040BABA: call rtcMsgBox ; MsgBox()
0040BAD5: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040BAE5: call CommonDlg.Sub_28
0040BB0A: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040BB16: push "Working..."
0040BB40: push "????????"
0040BB53: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040BB6E: call __vbaFreeObj
0040BB8F: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040BBDD: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040BC09: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040BC57: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040BC83: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040BCD1: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040BCED: call __vbaR8Str
0040BD03: call __vbaFpCDblR8
0040BD09: call __vbaFpI4
0040BD2E: call __vbaStrMove
0040BD4D: call __vbaStrMove
0040BD62: call FileCode.Sub_29
0040BD78: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040BD8F: call __vbaFreeObjList
0040BDEE: call __vbaNew2
0040BE45: call __vbaChkstk
0040BE74: call __vbaChkstk
0040BEDC: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040BF35: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "You may only use this utility on a PST file that is at least 1900000000 bytes."
0040BF52: call __vbaVarDup
0040BF6D: call rtcMsgBox ; MsgBox()
0040BF88: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040BFBF: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "Problems Encountered"
0040BFDC: call __vbaVarDup
0040BFE2: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "The program encountered problems. Check the file names and try again."
0040BFFF: call __vbaVarDup
0040C01A: call rtcMsgBox ; MsgBox()
0040C035: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040C04C: call __vbaCastObj
0040C058: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040C083: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040C09A: call __vbaFreeObjList
0040C0B8: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040C0C5: call __vbaFreeStr
0040C0EE: jmp __vbaFPException
0040C100: Private frmPSTRecover.Command1_Click()
0040C106: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040C14D: push "?@"
0040C152: call __vbaNew2
0040C1B9: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040C1F0: Private frmPSTRecover.Form_Load()
0040C1F6: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040C25B: call rtcStringVar ; String()
0040C265: call __vbaStrVarMove
0040C26B: mov ebx, __vbaStrMove
0040C282: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040C28F: call __vbaLenBstr ; Len()
0040C29D: call __vbaStrCopy
0040C2A3: call rtcCommandBstr ; Command$
0040C2B1: push "-S"
0040C2B6: call __vbaStrCmp
0040C2C5: call rtcCommandBstr ; Command$
0040C2D3: push "-s"
0040C2D8: call __vbaStrCmp
0040C2F1: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040C30C: mov ebx, __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040C338: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040C341: call __vbaFreeObj
0040C376: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040C37F: call __vbaFreeObj
0040C397: push "0"
0040C3B7: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040C3C0: call __vbaFreeObj
0040C3F2: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040C3FB: call __vbaFreeObj
0040C419: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040C425: call __vbaFreeObj
0040C435: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040C442: call __vbaFreeStr
0040C470: Private frmPSTRecover.Form_Unload(Cancel As Integer)
0040C476: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040C4AF: mov esi, __vbaCastObj
0040C4BE: mov edi, __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040C530: Private frmPSTRecover.txtSrcFile_Change()
0040C536: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040C59E: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040C5C5: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040C5D9: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040C600: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040C60E: call __vbaStrCmp
0040C627: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040C637: call __vbaFreeObjList
0040C657: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040C65F: push "No file selected"
0040C67F: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040C688: call __vbaFreeObj
0040C6B0: mov d,[ebp][XX], "Source PST file cannot be the same as the destination"
0040C6BE: call __vbaVarDup
0040C6D5: call rtcMsgBox ; MsgBox()
0040C6ED: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040C70A: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040C71A: call __vbaFreeObjList
0040C732: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040C760: Private frmPSTRecover.txtTrgFile_Change()
0040C766: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040C7CE: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040C7F5: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040C7FF: push "No file selected"
0040C804: call __vbaStrCmp
0040C816: call __vbaFreeStr
0040C81F: call __vbaFreeObj
0040C83C: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040C863: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040C877: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040C89E: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040C8AC: call __vbaStrCmp
0040C8C5: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040C8D5: call __vbaFreeObjList
0040C8F5: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040C8FD: push "No file selected"
0040C91D: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040C926: call __vbaFreeObj
0040C94E: mov d,[ebp][XX], "Destination PST file cannot be the same as the source"
0040C95C: call __vbaVarDup
0040C973: call rtcMsgBox ; MsgBox()
0040C979: mov ebx, __vbaFreeVarList
0040C998: mov ebx, __vbaFreeVarList
0040C9AC: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040C9D3: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040C9F7: call rtcRightCharVar ; Right()
0040CA05: mov d,[ebp][XX], ".pst"
0040CA13: call __vbaVarTstNe
0040CA1E: call __vbaFreeObj
0040CA4A: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040CA52: push "No file selected"
0040CA72: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040CA7B: call __vbaFreeObj
0040CAA3: mov d,[ebp][XX], "The destination file must have a .PST extension."
0040CAB1: call __vbaVarDup
0040CAC9: call rtcMsgBox ; MsgBox()
0040CAFC: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040CB0C: call __vbaFreeObjList
0040CB24: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040CB50: Private frmSplash.cmdContinue_Click()
0040CB56: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040CBA9: call __vbaNew2
0040CC0E: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040CC27: call __vbaNew2
0040CC3D: call __vbaObjSetAddref
0040CC57: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040CC60: call __vbaFreeObj
0040CC77: call __vbaFreeObj
0040CCA0: Private frmSplash.cmdQuit_Click()
0040CCA6: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040CCE0: mov esi, __vbaCastObj
0040CCF6: mov edi, __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040CD4A: call __vbaNew2
0040CD5D: call __vbaObjSetAddref
0040CD77: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040CD80: call __vbaFreeObj
0040CD97: call __vbaFreeObj
0040CDC0: Private frmSplash.Form_Load()
0040CDC6: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040CE3D: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040CE5C: call __vbaNew2
0040CE78: mov edi, __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040CE8B: mov edi, __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040CEC9: call __vbaNew2
0040CF28: call __vbaNew2
0040CF7E: push "Version "
0040CF86: call __vbaStrI2
0040CF8C: mov esi, __vbaStrMove
0040CF99: mov edi, __vbaStrCat ; &
0040CFAA: push "."
0040CFBD: call __vbaStrI2
0040CFD5: push "."
0040CFE8: call __vbaStrI2
0040D012: push "????????"
0040D019: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040D041: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040D059: call __vbaFreeObjList
0040D092: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040D0AA: call __vbaFreeObjList
0040D0E0: Private frmSplash.lblQ245025_Click()
0040D0E6: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040D143: push "????????????????????????"
0040D14A: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040D150: mov esi, __vbaStrToAnsi
0040D15B: push "C:\"
0040D173: push ""
0040D17F: push "Open"
0040D18C: call SHELL32.ShellExecuteA
0040D191: call __vbaSetSystemError
0040D1A9: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040D1CE: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040D200: Private frmSplash.lblQ252336_Click()
0040D206: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040D263: push "????????????????????????"
0040D26A: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040D270: mov esi, __vbaStrToAnsi
0040D27B: push "C:\"
0040D293: push ""
0040D29F: push "Open"
0040D2AC: call SHELL32.ShellExecuteA
0040D2B1: call __vbaSetSystemError
0040D2C9: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040D2EE: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040D320: Private frmSplash.lblSupportLink_Click()
0040D326: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040D383: push "????????????????????????"
0040D38A: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040D390: mov esi, __vbaStrToAnsi
0040D39B: push "C:\"
0040D3B3: push ""
0040D3BF: push "Open"
0040D3CC: call SHELL32.ShellExecuteA
0040D3D1: call __vbaSetSystemError
0040D3E9: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040D40E: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040D440: CommonDlg.Sub_27
0040D446: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040D4E4: call rtcVarBstrFromAnsi ; Chr()
0040D4F1: call __vbaStrVarMove
0040D4F7: mov edi, __vbaStrMove
0040D504: mov esi, __vbaFreeVar
0040D52B: call rtcStringBstr ; String$()
0040D563: call rtcStringVar ; String()
0040D570: call __vbaStrVarMove
0040D58D: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040D59A: call __vbaLenBstr ; Len()
0040D5B6: call __vbaNew2
0040D5D2: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040D5F9: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040D608: call __vbaStrCmp
0040D61A: call __vbaFreeStr
0040D626: call __vbaFreeObj
0040D63D: call rtcVarBstrFromAnsi ; Chr()
0040D652: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "%userprofile%\Desktop"
0040D666: call __vbaStrToAnsi
0040D66C: mov esi, __vbaVarCat
0040D68F: call __vbaStrVarVal
0040D69A: call __vbaStrToAnsi
0040D6A1: call KERNEL32.ExpandEnvironmentStringsA
0040D6AC: call __vbaSetSystemError
0040D6BD: call __vbaStrToUnicode
0040D6DD: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040D6F3: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040D717: call __vbaNew2
0040D733: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040D75A: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040D784: call rtcTrimVar ; Trim()
0040D791: call __vbaStrVarMove
0040D7A4: call __vbaFreeObj
0040D7BA: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040D7C0: mov esi, __vbaVarCat
0040D7F9: call __vbaNew2
0040D82C: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040D84E: call __vbaNew2
0040D881: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040D8BB: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040D8D0: call __vbaFreeObj
0040D8DE: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "Personal Folder File (*.pst)"
0040D8F2: call rtcVarBstrFromAnsi ; Chr()
0040D900: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "*.pst"
0040D914: call rtcVarBstrFromAnsi ; Chr()
0040D954: call __vbaStrVarMove
0040D986: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040D98F: mov esi, __vbaStrCopy
0040D9C7: call rtcStringVar ; String()
0040D9D4: call __vbaStrVarMove
0040D9EB: call __vbaFreeStr
0040DA01: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040DA0E: call __vbaLenBstr ; Len()
0040DA2B: mov edx, "pst"
0040DA4F: call __vbaLenBstr ; Len()
0040DA64: call rtcLeftCharVar ; Left()
0040DA71: call __vbaStrVarMove
0040DA88: call __vbaFreeStr
0040DA94: call __vbaFreeVar
0040DA9A: mov edx, "Open Source .PST File"
0040DAB7: call __vbaRecUniToAnsi
0040DABE: call COMDLG32.GetOpenFileNameA
0040DAC9: call __vbaSetSystemError
0040DADF: call __vbaRecAnsiToUni
0040DAF7: call __vbaRecDestructAnsi
0040DB05: mov esi, rtcTrimVar ; Trim()
0040DB35: call __vbaStrVarMove
0040DB49: call __vbaFileOpen ; Open #
0040DB52: call __vbaFreeStr
0040DB5E: call __vbaFreeVar
0040DB6D: call __vbaGet4 ; Get #
0040DB77: push "!BDN"
0040DB7C: call __vbaStrCmp
0040DBC4: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "This file is not a valid .PST file"
0040DBD8: call __vbaVarDup
0040DBFB: call rtcMsgBox ; MsgBox()
0040DC1F: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040DC3B: call __vbaNew2
0040DC57: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040DC5F: push "No file selected"
0040DC7F: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040DC8B: call __vbaFreeObj
0040DC93: call __vbaFileClose ; Close #
0040DCB7: call __vbaNew2
0040DCD3: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040DD0B: call __vbaStrVarVal
0040DD2B: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040DD34: call __vbaFreeStr
0040DD40: call __vbaFreeObj
0040DD4C: call __vbaFreeVar
0040DD52: mov edi, rtcFileLength ; LOF()
0040DD75: call __vbaNew2
0040DDA1: call __vbaPowerR8
0040DE03: call rtcImmediateIf ; IIf()
0040DE12: call __vbaI4Var
0040DE32: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040DE56: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040DE72: call __vbaNew2
0040DEA0: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040DEB9: call __vbaNew2
0040DED5: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040DEE9: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "#,##0.00"
0040DEFD: call __vbaVarDup
0040DF42: call _adj_fdiv_m64
0040DF6A: call rtcVarFromFormatVar
0040DF7D: call __vbaStrVarVal
0040DF90: push "????????"
0040DF97: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040DFA0: call __vbaFreeStr
0040DFAC: call __vbaFreeObj
0040DFC9: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040DFE5: call __vbaNew2
0040E013: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040E02C: call __vbaNew2
0040E040: mov edi, __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040E071: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040E08A: call __vbaNew2
0040E0B6: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "#,##0.00"
0040E0CA: call __vbaVarDup
0040E0FF: call _adj_fdiv_m64
0040E118: call __vbaR8Str
0040E141: call _adj_fdiv_m64
0040E150: call __vbaFpCDblR8
0040E18F: call rtcVarFromFormatVar
0040E1A2: call __vbaStrVarVal
0040E1B5: push "????????"
0040E1BC: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040E1CC: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040E1E2: call __vbaFreeObjList
0040E1FF: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040E20A: call __vbaFileClose ; Close #
0040E255: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "Path was too long."
0040E269: call __vbaVarDup
0040E28C: call rtcMsgBox ; MsgBox()
0040E2B0: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040E2BB: call __vbaFileClose ; Close #
0040E2DA: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040E2F0: call __vbaFreeObjList
0040E31B: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040E331: call __vbaRecDestructAnsi
0040E337: mov esi, __vbaFreeStr
0040E35A: call __vbaRecDestruct
0040E372: jmp __vbaFPException
0040E377: call __vbaErrorOverflow
0040E380: CommonDlg.Sub_28
0040E386: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040E39E: call __vbaChkstk
0040E3CE: call __vbaOnError ; On Error ...
0040E3E4: call rtcVarBstrFromAnsi ; Chr()
0040E3F1: call __vbaStrVarMove
0040E3FC: call __vbaStrMove
0040E408: call __vbaFreeVar
0040E43C: call rtcStringVar ; String()
0040E449: call __vbaStrVarMove
0040E454: call __vbaStrMove
0040E46A: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040E47E: call __vbaLenBstr ; Len()
0040E4A1: call __vbaNew2
0040E4DE: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040E52F: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040E553: call __vbaStrCmp
0040E56D: call __vbaFreeStr
0040E579: call __vbaFreeObj
0040E59E: call rtcVarBstrFromAnsi ; Chr()
0040E5A4: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "%userprofile%\Desktop"
0040E5C7: call __vbaStrToAnsi
0040E5E3: call __vbaVarCat
0040E5F1: call __vbaStrVarVal
0040E5FF: call __vbaStrToAnsi
0040E606: call KERNEL32.ExpandEnvironmentStringsA
0040E611: call __vbaSetSystemError
0040E622: call __vbaStrToUnicode
0040E64B: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040E664: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040E68C: call __vbaNew2
0040E6C9: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040E71A: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040E76C: call rtcTrimVar ; Trim()
0040E779: call __vbaStrVarMove
0040E784: call __vbaStrMove
0040E790: call __vbaFreeObj
0040E7A6: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040E81D: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "Path was too long."
0040E83D: call __vbaVarDup
0040E861: call rtcMsgBox ; MsgBox()
0040E885: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040E8BB: call __vbaNew2
0040E924: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040E95F: call __vbaNew2
0040E9C8: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040EA31: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040EA58: call __vbaFreeObj
0040EA65: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "Personal Folder File (*.pst)"
0040EA82: call rtcVarBstrFromAnsi ; Chr()
0040EA88: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "*.pst"
0040EAA5: call rtcVarBstrFromAnsi ; Chr()
0040EAC0: call __vbaVarCat
0040EAD5: call __vbaVarCat
0040EAEA: call __vbaVarCat
0040EAF1: call __vbaStrVarMove
0040EAFC: call __vbaStrMove
0040EB27: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040EB3D: call __vbaStrCopy
0040EB7F: call rtcStringVar ; String()
0040EB8C: call __vbaStrVarMove
0040EB9A: call __vbaStrMove
0040EBA5: call __vbaStrCopy
0040EBB1: call __vbaFreeStr
0040EBC7: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040EBDB: call __vbaLenBstr ; Len()
0040EBFA: call __vbaStrCopy
0040EC14: mov edx, "pst"
0040EC1C: call __vbaStrCopy
0040EC40: call __vbaLenBstr ; Len()
0040EC55: call rtcLeftCharVar ; Left()
0040EC62: call __vbaStrVarMove
0040EC70: call __vbaStrMove
0040EC7B: call __vbaStrCopy
0040EC87: call __vbaFreeStr
0040EC93: call __vbaFreeVar
0040ECA0: mov edx, "Select/Create Target .PST File"
0040ECA8: call __vbaStrCopy
0040ECD3: call __vbaRecUniToAnsi
0040ECDA: call COMDLG32.GetSaveFileNameA
0040ECE5: call __vbaSetSystemError
0040ECFB: call __vbaRecAnsiToUni
0040ED16: call __vbaRecDestructAnsi
0040ED56: call rtcTrimVar ; Trim()
0040ED65: call rtcDir ; Dir()
0040ED73: call __vbaStrMove
0040ED7F: call __vbaStrCmp
0040ED9A: call __vbaFreeStr
0040EDA6: call __vbaFreeVar
0040EDFE: push "A file by that name already exists in this directory."
0040EE03: push ""
0040EE08: call __vbaStrCat ; &
0040EE16: call __vbaStrMove
0040EE1D: push "You must create a new file."
0040EE22: call __vbaStrCat ; &
0040EE56: call rtcMsgBox ; MsgBox()
0040EE62: call __vbaFreeStr
0040EE86: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040EEA9: call __vbaNew2
0040EEE6: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040EEF2: push "No file selected"
0040EF35: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040EF53: call __vbaFreeObj
0040EF78: call __vbaNew2
0040EFB5: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040EFE2: call rtcTrimVar ; Trim()
0040EFF6: call __vbaStrVarVal
0040F03B: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040F059: call __vbaFreeStr
0040F065: call __vbaFreeObj
0040F071: call __vbaFreeVar
0040F095: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040F0A4: call __vbaFreeObj
0040F0CF: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040F0E5: call __vbaRecDestructAnsi
0040F0EE: call __vbaFreeStr
0040F0F7: call __vbaFreeStr
0040F100: call __vbaFreeStr
0040F10F: call __vbaRecDestruct
0040F127: call __vbaErrorOverflow
0040F130: FileCode.Sub_29
0040F136: push __vbaExceptHandler
0040F1A6: call __vbaFileOpen ; Open #
0040F1AC: call rtcCommandBstr ; Command$
0040F1B2: mov edi, __vbaStrMove
0040F1C0: push "-S"
0040F1C5: call __vbaStrCmp
0040F1D5: call rtcCommandBstr ; Command$
0040F1E3: push "-s"
0040F1E8: call __vbaStrCmp
0040F202: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040F217: mov esi, rtcFileLen ; FileLen()
0040F246: call __vbaPowerR8
0040F299: call rtcImmediateIf ; IIf()
0040F29F: mov ebx, __vbaI4Var
0040F2C2: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040F2E5: mov ebx, __vbaI4Var
0040F2FA: call __vbaFileOpen ; Open #
0040F315: call rtcStringBstr ; String$()
0040F32D: mov edi, __vbaPut4
0040F348: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040F354: call __vbaFreeVar
0040F35A: mov edx, "!BDN"
0040F362: call __vbaStrCopy
0040F376: call __vbaFreeStr
0040F391: call __vbaRedim ; ReDim
0040F397: mov edi, rtcFileLength ; LOF()
0040F3C2: call __vbaPowerR8
0040F40F: call rtcImmediateIf ; IIf()
0040F432: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040F4BE: call __vbaVarForInit ; For ...
0040F4C4: mov edi, __vbaVarAdd
0040F50F: call __vbaVarTstGt
0040F51B: call __vbaFreeVar
0040F547: call __vbaVarSub
0040F560: call __vbaRedim ; ReDim
0040F576: push ""
0040F57B: call __vbaGetOwner4
0040F58E: push ""
0040F593: call __vbaPutOwner4
0040F5AC: call __vbaNew2
0040F5C5: call __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040F5D6: mov d,[ebp][XXXXXXXX], "##0%"
0040F5EA: call __vbaVarDup
0040F60F: call __vbaVarDiv
0040F61A: call __vbaVarMove
0040F630: call rtcVarFromFormatVar
0040F640: call __vbaStrVarVal
0040F653: push "????????"
0040F65A: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040F663: call __vbaFreeStr
0040F66C: call __vbaFreeObj
0040F680: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040F69C: call __vbaNew2
0040F6C3: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040F6C9: mov edi, __vbaVarAdd
0040F6F9: call __vbaVarMove
0040F6FF: call rtcDoEvents ; DoEvents
0040F717: call __vbaVarForNext ; ... Next
0040F71D: mov ebx, __vbaI4Var
0040F73B: call __vbaNew2
0040F74F: mov edi, __vbaObjSet ; Set (object)
0040F75E: push "100%"
0040F771: push "????????"
0040F778: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040F77E: mov ebx, __vbaFreeObj
0040F79C: call __vbaNew2
0040F7B9: push "Done"
0040F7CC: push "????????"
0040F7D3: call __vbaHresultCheckObj
0040F7DE: mov esi, __vbaFileClose ; Close #
0040F805: call __vbaFreeStrList
0040F811: call __vbaFreeObj
0040F829: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040F843: call __vbaFreeVarList
0040F852: call __vbaAryDestruct
0040F85B: call __vbaFreeVar
0040F878: jmp __vbaFPException
0040F87D: call __vbaErrorOverflow
Other details:
File processed OK.
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