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Last active Sep 10, 2018
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We’ve spent the last three years developing a kick-ass world renowned data analytical solution. Our close collaboration with Google gives us a unique technical edge and modeled our systems with the insights from the Google team and knowledge gained from the trenches at Spotify, also influenced by Hacker Manifesto [1].

Every line of code you write for us helps to transform the way our customers work and think about data. For that we will always be grateful.

We combine complex data sources with advanced (and customer specific) analyses to answer the customers burning questions. In the case of the airline industry, those are: How do we fly more fuel efficient without compromises on safety? What are the unknown contributing factors at takeoff and landing? How much of the environmental factors attribute to an overspeed?

Cleaning and combining complex data sources within our platform unlocks the inertia of data-driven decisions within our customers organisations, and they ❤️ us for it.

We’re are looking for:

Backend/Infrastructure developer

As a backend developer at Enplore you will be responsible for taking our platform to the next level. Our approach to data is unique and we strive to give you the space and opportunity to solve the problems we face in the way you best seem fit. The work will be a mix of API and worker/parser development for our data processing pipeline.

You will do most of your work in Python but you don't need to have previous experience about it. We're looking for someone with 3-5 years of experience in any language such as .NET, C, C++, Go, Rust, Python, JS (preferbly for backend services/large scale application)

Backend developer with focus on analyses and data processing.

The way we relate to and connect datasets before and during analyses is the foundation upon which we built our company. In this team you’ll work with anything and everything related to our analyses. Your job includes coding data parsers, developing the code behind our airline analyses and developing new logics.

To help and guide you are some of the most knowledgeable people in each industry. They will take you on a journey towards the logics and theory behind the problems our customers face. We have cleaned up enough complex data that we can provide real insights for our customers. This via regression, probability or classification models.

All roles include curiosity, learning and obsessively hoarding knowledge about the industries we’re in, and sharing the understanding that data-processing/cleaning is the most valuable part of creating real insights. Let us buy you a coffee!

Our office is located at Epicenter, Mäster Samuelsgatan in Stockholm. You can reach us at or +46725504067, or message me and I could tell you more about the position.


  • Is this a senior/junior position? What experience is required?

This is not a junior position - you are expected to be able to contribute with code, advise based on experience and business insights from day one. You are expected to take responsibility and be able to work productively with lots of freedom. There is no minimum number of years experience required, what matters is your knowledge, your track record of building stuff and the experience you've received from that in various organizations.

Junior positions - if you really want to be apart of the team and building the dream product you are more than welcome. The work will be hard but rewarding for anyone who wants it.

  • Are you open to consultants/contractors/outsourcing?

No, this is a permanent position on-site where we seek an individual who wants to be an integral part of the team and grow with it.

  • I'm a recruitment agent and I have a CV, may I send it to you?

No, we do not accept unsolicited anonymous applications or applications submitted by a third party.

  • Are you open to remote workers?

Due to the need to really understand the business, the processes and the close collaboration with other roles it is critical to spend time on-site, interacting with people, on a regular basis. Hence, 100% remote is not possible, however, working remotely in periods (both from cafés or other countries) is something we already do.


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