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elia/changelog.diff Secret

Created Nov 5, 2015
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g diff -w v0.9.0.beta{1,2} --
@@ -26,6 +26,8 @@
* Newly compliant with RubySpec:
* `Enumerable#chunk`
+ * `Enumerable#each_cons`
+ * `Enumerable#minmax`
* Operator methods (e.g. `+`, `<`, etc.) can be handled by `method_missing`
@@ -39,6 +41,23 @@
* Method defs issued inside `Module#instance_eval` and `Class#instance_eval`, and the respective `exec` now create class methods
+* You can make direct JavaScript method calls on using the `recv.JS.method`syntax. Has support for method calls, final callback (as a block), property getter and setter (via `#[]` and `#[]=`), splats, JavaScript keywords (via the `::JS` module) and global functions (after `require "js"`).
+* `Set#superset?`, `Set#subset?`, and the respective 'proper_' variant of each are now implemented
+* Now with enabled arity checks calling a method with more arguments than those supported by its signature raises an `ArgumentError` as well.
+* `NameError` and `NoMethodError` - add `#name` and `#args` attributes
+* Previously arity checks would raise an error without clearing the block for a method, the could lead to strange bugs in case the error was rescued.
+* `RegExp#match` now works correctly in multiline mode with white space
+* `Regexp#===` returns false when the right hand side of the expression cannot be coereced to a string (instead of throwing a TypeError)
+* `Regexp#options` has been optimized and correctly returns 0 when called on a Regexp literal without any options (e.g. //)
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