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Log execution time for every Celery task, working on Celery 3.1.x.
import logging
import time
from celery import shared_task as orig_shared_task
def timeit(func):
"""A decorator used to log the function execution time."""
logger = logging.getLogger('tasks')
# Use functools.wraps to ensure function name is not changed
def wrap(*args, **kwargs):
start = time.time()
result = func(*args, **kwargs)
dur = time.time() - start
msg = {
'task_name': func.__module__ + '.' + func.__name__,
'duration': dur,
# Use 'task_args' instead of 'args' because 'args' conflicts with
# attribute of LogRecord
'task_args': args,
'task_kwargs': kwargs
}'%s %.2fs', func.__name__, dur, extra=msg)
return result
return wrap
def shared_task(*args, **kwargs):
"""Override Celery's default shared_task decorator to log every task call.
if len(args) == 1 and callable(args[0]):
func = args[0]
return orig_shared_task(**kwargs)(timeit(func))
def decorator(func):
return orig_shared_task(*args, **kwargs)(timeit(func))
return decorator

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@oca159 oca159 commented Dec 16, 2016

Could you please give me an example about how can I use this script?

I am trying to log the last execution datetime.
My idea is read and write in a file, for example a python script.
I need this information for some tasks that I am using to retrieve data base on a date.
Thanks a lot.

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