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Last active August 10, 2020 17:34
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Explanation about how to change the default timeout using explicitly wait in Selenium WebDriver
public class ExplicitlyWaitExampleTest {
private WebDriver driver;
private WebDriverWait wait;
public void preCondition() {
driver = new ChromeDriver();
public void beforeEachTest() {
wait = new WebDriverWait(driver, Duration.ofSeconds(5));
public void usingRegularTimeout1() {
WebElement menu = driver.findElement("buger"));
public void usingRegularTimeout2() {
By cpf ="cpf_document");
public void overridingDefaultTimeout() {
By uploadSuccessfull = By.cssSelector(".sucess.upload");
// overriding the default timeout only for this wait
withMessage("timeout while waiting for upload to finish").
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