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dominictarr /
Created Nov 26, 2018
statement on event-stream compromise

Hey everyone - this is not just a one off thing, there are likely to be many other modules in your dependency trees that are now a burden to their authors. I didn't create this code for altruistic motivations, I created it for fun. I was learning, and learning is fun. I gave it away because it was easy to do so, and because sharing helps learning too. I think most of the small modules on npm were created for reasons like this. However, that was a long time ago. I've since moved on from this module and moved on from that thing too and in the process of moving on from that as well. I've written way better modules than this, the internet just hasn't fully caught up.


otherwise why would he hand over a popular package to a stranger?

If it's not fun anymore, you get literally nothing from maintaining a popular package.

One time, I was working as a dishwasher in a restu


Unifying the ideas of Contracts and Interfaces - Contract Embedding

This proposal is largely based on my previous proposal, which can be found here. It had a few problems though, which are fixed by this proposal.

The draft's reason to not use interfaces

It is unclear how to represent operators using interface methods. We considered syntaxes like +(T, T) T, but that is confusing and repetitive. Also, a minor point, but ==(T, T) bool does not correspond to the == operator,


Go generics feedback

Roger Peppe 2018/08/30

Here are a few thoughts after looking through the generics document. In general, I really like it. In particular I like the fact that it admits general operations on generic types through an intuitive contract specification that looks just like regular Go.

aarzilli /
Last active Sep 6, 2018
Feedback for Go2 error handling design

Check as an operator

I don't see why check should work like a unary operator and have its own special syntax rule instead of acting like any function call.

Go doesn't have anything like the proposed check, it has unary operators but they are all symbolic (for example !, unary * and &). It would be the first thing in the go language to look like C's sizeof.

elimisteve /
Last active Nov 9, 2017
Pursuance: elevator pitch

What is Pursuance?

Pursuance is a software tool for effectively organizing individuals to achieve a shared mission.

Our free, open source, and secure Pursuance System software enables participants to: create action-oriented groups called "pursuances", discuss how best to achieve their mission, rapidly record exciting strategies and ideas in an actionable form (namely as tasks), divvy up those tasks among one other, share files and documents, get summoned when relevant events occur (e.g., when they are assigned a task, or when mentioned), request help from others, receive social recognition for their contributions, and to delegate tasks to other pursuances in this ecosystem in order to harness its collective intelligence, passion, and expertise.

Pursuance can be used for a great many things. But we, its creators, have certain interests. Specifically, we are focused on organizing activists, journalists, and non-profits in order to solve serious problems we face as a society -- the surveillance state, th

ageis /
Last active Oct 3, 2019
Technical guide for using YubiKey series 4 for GPG and SSH

YubiKey 4 series GPG and SSH setup guide

Written for fairly adept technical users, preferably of Debian GNU/Linux, not for absolute beginners.

You'll probably be working with a single smartcard, so you'll want only one primary key (1. Sign & Certify) and two associated subkeys (2. Encrypt, 3. Authenticate). I've published a Bash function which automates this slightly special key generation process.

int128 /
Last active Sep 20, 2019
Watching build mode on Create React App

Create React App does not provide watching build mode oficially (#1070).

This script provides watching build mode for an external tool such as Chrome Extensions or Firebase app.

How to Use

Create a React app.

Put the script into scripts/watch.js.

View Binary Fetch Example.js
const {PNG} = require('bundle.js');
const {Button, ImageView, ui} = require('tabris');
const base64 = require('base-64');
function _arrayBufferToBase64( buffer ) {
var binary = '';
var bytes = new Uint8Array( buffer );
var len = bytes.byteLength;
for (var i = 0; i < len; i++) {
binary += String.fromCharCode( bytes[ i ] );
elimisteve /
Last active Sep 15, 2019
ncat tricks/examples

ncat trick #1

Run these in 2 terminals, after ncat is installed:

$ ncat -l -p 9999

And on the other one:

FrankSpierings /
Last active Sep 13, 2019
Linux Container Escapes and Hardening
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