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Check your Heroku apps for the Memcache add-on, which is being discontinued.
apps = `heroku apps`.split("\n")
apps.each do |app|
next if app.include? "My Apps"
app = app.split(" ")[0]
gems = `heroku addons --app #{app}`.split("\n")
gems.each do |gem|
if gem.include? "memcache:"
puts "#{app} is using #{gem}"

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bjeanes commented Aug 22, 2013

Or if you aren't a Rubyist (I am, but others may not be), have something to run in your shell:

for app in `heroku apps | grep -vE '===|^$'`; do 
  heroku addons --app $app | grep "memcache:" &>/dev/null && 
    echo $app is using memcache add-on

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brandur commented Aug 22, 2013

Awesome! You can even try using the platform API to avoid that CLI start-up overhead ;)

require "excon"
require "multi_json"

# grab your access token from ~/.netrc under the section

abort("usage: ruby find-memcache.rb <access_token>") unless ARGV[0]
access_token = ARGV[0]

api =
  headers: {
    "Accept"        => "application/vnd.heroku+json; version=3",
    "Authorization" => "Bearer #{access_token}",

apps = MultiJson.decode(api.get(
  path: "/apps",
  expects: 200

apps.each do |app|
  addons = MultiJson.decode(api.get(
    path: "/apps/#{app["id"]}/addons",
    expects: 200
  puts app["name"] if addons.any? { |a| a["plan"]["name"] =~ /^memcache:/ }
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