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kimchips@KC41-VIDEOSERVER:/mnt/c/dev/micropython-wrap$ make MICROPYTHON_PORT_DIR=/mnt/c/dev/micropython/ports/esp32 sharedlib
make -C /mnt/c/dev/micropython/ports/esp32 BUILD=build MICROPY_PY_BTREE=0 MICROPY_PY_FFI=0 MICROPY_PY_USSL=0 MICROPY_PY_AXTLS=0 MICROPY_FATFS=0 MICROPY_PY_THREAD=0 build/genhdr/qstrdefs.generated.h
make[1]: Entering directory '/mnt/c/dev/micropython/ports/esp32'
Use make V=1 or set BUILD_VERBOSE in your environment to increase build verbosity.
Building with ESP IDF v4
fatal: No names found, cannot describe anything.
make[1]: Leaving directory '/mnt/c/dev/micropython/ports/esp32'
g++ -fPIC -Wall -Werror -I../micropython -I../micropython/py -I/mnt/c/dev/micropython/ports/esp32 -I/mnt/c/dev/micropython/ports/esp32/build -I/mnt/c/dev/micropython/ports/esp32/boards/generic -I/mnt/c/dev/esp-idf/components/esp32/include -I/mnt/c/dev/esp-idf/components/esp_rom/include -I/mnt/c/dev/esp-idf/components/freertos/include -I/mnt/c/dev/esp-idf/components/newlib/include -I/mnt/c/dev/esp-idf/component
elliotwoods /
Created Nov 18, 2019
code for managing ssd1306 OLED on ESP32 with micropython on a TTGO OLED board
from machine import Pin, I2C
import ssd1306
import time
import esp32
def farenheit_to_celcius(farenheit_value):
return (farenheit_value - 32) * 5 / 9
class Oled:
def __init__(self, reset = 16, scl = 15, sda = 4):
View libceres.2.0.0.dylib
This file has been truncated, but you can view the full file.
0000000000795f70 T __Z7toupperi
0000000000873650 D __ZGVZN5Eigen8internal20manage_caching_sizesENS_6ActionEPlS2_S2_E12m_cacheSizes
0000000000006d40 T __ZN13LoggerVoidifyanERKNSt3__113basic_ostreamIcNS0_11char_traitsIcEEEE
000000000000ccf0 T __ZN13MessageLogger10LogToSinksEi
000000000000cf10 T __ZN13MessageLogger12WaitForSinksEv
000000000000aaa0 T __ZN13MessageLogger13StripBasenameERKNSt3__112basic_stringIcNS0_11char_traitsIcEENS0_9allocatorIcEEEEPS6_
0000000000006de0 T __ZN13MessageLogger6streamEv
0000000000015830 T __ZN5Eigen10MatrixBaseINS_3MapIKNS_6MatrixIdLin1ELi1ELi0ELin1ELi1EEELi0ENS_6StrideILi0ELi0EEEEEE5arrayEv
000000000071d540 T __ZN5Eigen10MatrixBaseINS_3MapIKNS_6MatrixIdLin1ELin1ELi1ELin1ELin1EEELi0ENS_6StrideILi0ELi0EEEEEE15selfadjointViewILj2EEENS8_25SelfAdjointViewReturnTypeIXT_EE4TypeEv
elliotwoods / etherdream.cpp
Created Aug 9, 2016
Etherdream cross-platform (C++11)
View etherdream.cpp
/* Ether Dream interface library
* Copyright 2011-2012 Jacob Potter
* This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
* it under the terms of either the GNU General Public License version 2
* or 3, or the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3, as published
* by the Free Software Foundation, at your option.
* This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
View gist:1b58643e8f684ccad5eb214630d675b0
vector<aruco::Marker> findMarkersMultiCrop(aruco::MarkerDetector & markerDetector, const cv::Mat & image, int cropIterations, float overlap) {
auto imageWidth = image.cols;
auto imageHeight = image.rows;
map<int, aruco::Marker> markersInAllCrops;
for (int cropIteration = 0; cropIteration < cropIterations; cropIteration++) {
auto stepRatio = 1.0f / pow(2, cropIteration);
View UnsafeGenericFileResponse.cs
namespace Nancy.Responses
using System;
using System.IO;
using System.Linq;
using Nancy.Configuration;
using Nancy.Helpers;
/// <summary>
/// A response representing a file.
elliotwoods / ofApp.cpp
Created Feb 16, 2018
Comparison of subpixel routines
View ofApp.cpp
#include "pch.h"
#include "ofApp.h"
void ofApp::setup(){
void ofApp::init() {
View sun8i-h2plus-orangepi-zero.dts-4.11.12
/ {
interrupt-parent = <0x1>;
#address-cells = <0x1>;
#size-cells = <0x1>;
model = "Xunlong Orange Pi Zero";
compatible = "xunlong,orangepi-zero", "allwinner,sun8i-h2-plus";
chosen {
View CameraToWorld.cpp
#include "pch_LightBarrier.h"
#include "CameraToWorld.h"
#include "ofxRulr/Exception.h"
#include "ofxRulr/Nodes/Item/Camera.h"
#include "ofxRulr/Nodes/Item/AbstractBoard.h"
#include "ofxCvGui/Widgets/Button.h"
#include "ofxCvGui/Widgets/Toggle.h"
reals = np.float64([
virtuals = np.float64([
def reflect(real, plane):
return virtual
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