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Rocket Chat snap testing

Smoke tests for the Rocket Chat snap

Search for the snap:

$ snap find rocket
Name               Version      Developer   Notes  Summary
rocketchat-server  0.44.0       rocketchat  -      Group chat server for 100s,  installed in seconds.
spreedme           0.29.2snap1  nextcloud   -      Spreed.ME audio/video calls and conferences feature for the Nextcloud Snap

Install the snap:

$ sudo snap install rocketchat-server
[sudo] password for elopio: 
rocketchat-server (stable) 0.44.0 from 'rocketchat' installed

Register a new account:

1. Open the browser.
2. Go to localhost:3000
3. Click the link `Register a new account`.
4. Enter your `Name`, `Email`, `Password` and confirm it.
5. Click the button `Register a new account`.
6. Click button `Use this username`. 

Send a message:

1. In the `Channels` list, click the `#general` channel.
2. In the `Message` text field, enter `test`.
   * Check that the `test` message appears in the conversation.

Create a channel:

1. Click the `+` button next to the `Channels` list header.
2. Enter the channel `Name`.
3. Click the `Create`test button.
   * Check that the new channel appears in the `Channels` list.
   * Check that the new channel is opened.
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