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Created Feb 6, 2019
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Gameplay fixes:

  • Fixed "Invalid player id" when trying to call vote to kick dead player in "Clan Arena" and "Attack & Defend" mode
  • Fixed bug in "Attack & Defend", where players switch teams (using !a) immediately, instead of switching in next round
  • Enemy shaft is now always visible


  • Added x86 support
  • Added Python 3.6+ support
  • Plugins now are loaded in same order as in qlx_plugins var

Plugin development:

  • Added Turbo/PQL physics support for individual player (via player.air_control = True)
  • Added armor type setting for individual player (via minqlx.set_armor_type(client_id, armor_type), where armor_type can be 0, 1, 2, "green", "yellow", "red")
  • Added speed factor setting for individual player (via minqlx.set_speed_factor(client_id, factor). By default factor is 1)
  • Throwing exception, if trying to add hook handler for zmq-based hooks, when zmq_stats_enable is false
  • New functions in C imported from QL:
    • Pmove
    • ClientThink_real
    • TossClientItems
    • Cmd_Callvote_f
  • New hooks:
    • player_inactivity_kick
    • player_items_toss
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