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We've spent quite a bit of time finessing the current system. Given it's been running for a while, and we have alarms, it's quite easy to tell whether we've broken something

Final upates

This means:

  1. Tightening up security
  2. Ensuring a good developer experience for the next team, also ensuring READMES are up to date
  3. Collaborating with OST to make sure the data that is coming through is in the correct format.
emileswarts /
Created Jun 12, 2020
Provision S3 buckets for state management with Terraform
set -x
aws sts get-caller-identity --region eu-west-2
aws s3 ls

Introduction (5 min)

  • As we come to the end of this project, it is good to do a handover and retrospective.
  • Today is our last day on this project.
  • Pretty sad about that. It's been great to work with GDS and you two specifically so thank you.

What we want to get out of this meeting

Not just about handing over the project but to give you an opportunity to share your experience of working with us. We're always looking to learn and improve, so any feedback is useful.

Agenda (2 min)

emileswarts / fast_tests
Created Sep 11, 2016
Fast tests clojure
View fast_tests
In the repl
(def gogo [] (use 'made-merits.test.service.boyscouting-detector :reload) (use 'made-merits.service.github.boyscouting.detector :reload) (run-tests))
In Vim
nnoremap <leader>x :silent !tmux send-keys -t 2 '(gogo)' C-m<cr>
View payload.rb
"title"=>"Grapes on the Vine",
"Water colour drawing, by George Dionysus Ehret, England, dated 1747.",
declare -a host_list
declare -a user_list
declare -a passwd_list
declare passwd_res
declare host_list_num=0
declare user_list_num=0
declare passwd_list_num=0
declare sshcrack_logfile="sshcrack.log"
View gist:e5b3614de453fe9b8662
Started POST "/en-us/referrals/signup/" for at 2016-02-15 19:33:23 +0000
Processing by ReferrerController#create as HTML
Parameters: {"utf8"=>"✓", "authenticity_token"=>"68MglbQSox6p4T8YkaAQcCg3fu5uaigrcZmlBMWrC5o=", "referral_program_referrer"=>{"name"=>"en", "last_name"=>"en", "email"=>"", "address_attributes"=>{"address_1"=>"en", "address_2"=>"en", "postal_code"=>"en", "city"=>"en", "spree_country_id"=>"20"}, "t_shirt_size"=>"W XS", "signup_language"=>"en"}, "button"=>"", "language"=>"en", "country"=>"us"}
Spree::Preference Load (0.6ms) SELECT `spree_preferences`.* FROM `spree_preferences` WHERE `spree_preferences`.`key` = 'spree/frontend_configuration/locale' ORDER BY `spree_preferences`.`id` ASC LIMIT 1
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SQL (0.4ms) UPDATE `spree_preferences` S
View gist:8418821
if x and (y or z)
if x and foo?
def foo?
y or z
emileswarts / gist:7984291
Created Dec 16, 2013
Vimium customizations
View gist:7984291
unmap x
map d removeTab
unmap X
map u restoreTab
unmap T
map T duplicateTab
unmap K
unmap gt
map en nextTab
unmap J
emileswarts / gist:6592488
Created Sep 17, 2013
ruby float string sort
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irb(main):001:0> ar = ["6", "7", "9", "11.5", "6", "8.5"]
=> ["6", "7", "9", "11.5", "6", "8.5"]
irb(main):002:0> ar.sort!
=> ["11.5", "6", "6", "7", "8.5", "9"]