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Emilio Rios emilioriosvz

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mcollina /
Last active Jul 6, 2022
Matteo's Technical principles

Matteo Technical Principles

1. Conway’s Law is paramount.

Any organization that designs a system (defined broadly) will produce a design whose structure is a copy of the organization's communication structure.

In order to design a piece of software we need to “design” the team that is going to produce it.

2. Developer Experience is key to productivity

paladini /
Last active Oct 6, 2022 — forked from todgru/
AWS redis-cli without redis server on AWS EC2

Setup redis-cli without the whole Redis Server on AWS EC2

This fast tutorial will teach you how to install redis-clion AWS EC2 without having to install the whole Redis Server. Firstly, SSH into your EC2 instance and run the following command:

$ sudo yum install gcc

This may return an "already installed" message, but that's OK. After that, just run:

$ wget && tar xvzf redis-stable.tar.gz && cd redis-stable && make && sudo cp src/redis-cli /usr/local/bin/ && sudo chmod 755 /usr/local/bin/redis-cli

adamgibbons /
Last active Aug 16, 2022
Install MongoDB on Mac OS X 10.9

Install MongoDB with Homebrew

brew install mongodb
mkdir -p /data/db

Set permissions for the data directory

Ensure that user account running mongod has correct permissions for the directory:

thomasfr / Git push deployment in 7 easy
Last active Oct 4, 2022
7 easy steps to automated git push deployments. With small and configurable bash only post-receive hook
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lukehedger / gWebFont.css
Last active Apr 6, 2017
Stylus + Google Web Fonts
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/* Here's the compiled CSS */
@import url("");
body {
font-family: Droid Sans, Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif;
font-size: 14px;
line-height: 25px;
font-weight: 300;
color: #444;
consti / hosts
Last active Nov 20, 2022
/etc/hosts to block shock sites etc.
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# This hosts file is brought to you by Dan Pollock and can be found at
# You are free to copy and distribute this file for non-commercial uses,
# as long the original URL and attribution is included.
#<localhost> localhost localhost.localdomain broadcasthost
::1 localhost
// Haz un programa en Java obtenga la fecha actual del sistema y
// a. Permita obtener por separado y lo muestre por consola: el día del mes,
// el día de la semana y la hora (formato 24h). Revisa la documentación
// de las clases java.util.Calendar, java.util.GregorianCalendar para
// llevar a cabo este apartado. Por ejemplo si la fecha actual del
// sistema es Fri Aug 30 16:05:13 CEST 2013, la salida por consola sería
// Día del mes: 30
// Día de la semana: 6
// Hora del día (24Hrs): 16
// b. Permita añadir un mes a la fecha actual y muestre la fecha calculada
chrisjdavis / gist:4046787
Created Nov 9, 2012
Passbook server API
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class PassAPI extends Plugin
# Registration
# register a device to receive push notifications for a pass
# POST /v1/devices/<deviceID>/registrations/<typeID>/<serial#>
# Header: Authorization: ApplePass <authenticationToken>
# JSON payload: { "pushToken" : <push token, which the server needs to send push notifications to this device> }
garth / log.js
Created May 1, 2012
Wasted quite a bit of time today trying to get flatiron winston configured with custom levels and colors, so here's a working sample.
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var winston = require('winston')
// prepare some custom log levels
var customLevels = {
levels: {
debug: 0,
info: 1,
warning: 2,
error: 3
keeguon / countries.json
Created Apr 5, 2012
A list of countries in JSON
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{name: 'Afghanistan', code: 'AF'},
{name: 'Åland Islands', code: 'AX'},
{name: 'Albania', code: 'AL'},
{name: 'Algeria', code: 'DZ'},
{name: 'American Samoa', code: 'AS'},
{name: 'AndorrA', code: 'AD'},
{name: 'Angola', code: 'AO'},
{name: 'Anguilla', code: 'AI'},
{name: 'Antarctica', code: 'AQ'},