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Bash script to help manage .htpasswd files
# Manage .htpasswd files
# Store script name for use in output.
me=$( basename $0 )
# Utility function for exiting.
die () {
echo -e "\n${me}: ${1}, exitting...\n" >&2
exit 1
# Die immediately if not root.
[ $( id -u ) -gt 0 ] && die "You are not root, do 'sudo $0'"
# Read options.
for i in "$@"
case $i in
FILES="${i#*=}" # Space seperated list of .htpasswd file paths under /var/www.
shift # past argument=value
USERNAME="${i#*=}" # Username to set password for.
shift # past argument=value
PLAINTEXT_PASSWORD="${i#*=}" # Plaintext password to be hashed.
shift # past argument=value
# Unknown option.
# Prompt for needed vars if missing.
[ -z "$USERNAME" ] && read -p "What username do you want to create/update: " USERNAME
[ -z "$PLAINTEXT_PASSWORD" ] && read -p "Enter the new (plain text) password: " PLAINTEXT_PASSWORD
# Limit things to the webroot.
if [[ ! -d $www_dir ]]; then
die "Error: webroot not found"
# If no site(s) passed as arg, find all within webroot.
if [ -z "${FILES}" ]; then
for htpasswd_path in $( cd $www_dir ; find . -type f -iname '.htpasswd' | sort -n ); do
FILES="${FILES} ${htpasswd_path}"
# Make sure we're in the webroot.
cd $www_dir
echo -e "\n<== Starting ==>\n"
# Loop over files.
for file in ${FILES}; do
# Pre-flight checks.
[ -z $file ] && \
die "Error: no .htpasswd file(s) found"
[ -r ${file} ] || \
die "Error: '${file}' does not exist"
# Create / modify value for user in *existing* .htpasswd.
echo -e "==> Processing ${file}"
htpasswd -b ${file} "${USERNAME}" "${PLAINTEXT_PASSWORD}"
echo -e "\n<== Done ==>"

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emirpprime commented Jul 26, 2017

Add / updates a password for a single user in .htpasswd file(s).
Example usage: $ sudo ./ --name="Bond" --password="Secret Squirrel 007"

  • By default it will run against all .htpasswd files found under the configured webroot, but can also target specific files using the --files= arg.
  • Requires sudo to account for varying permissions. Comment out ln 18 if not needed.
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