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class PostPagingDataSource : PageKeyedDataSource<String, Post>(), KoinComponent {
private val api: PostApiService by inject()
private val httpClient: OkHttpClient by inject()
private val gson: Gson by inject()
override fun loadInitial(
params: LoadInitialParams<String>,
callback: LoadInitialCallback<String, Post>
) {
val response = api.getFeed().execute()
if (response.isSuccessful) {
val nextPageUrl = parseNextPageUrl(response.headers())
val postList = response.body().body()
callback.onResult(postList, null, nextPageUrl)
} else {
// TODO: error handling
override fun loadAfter(params: LoadParams<String>, callback: LoadCallback<String, Post>) {
val url = params.key
if (url.isNotEmpty()) {
val response = httpClient.newCall(
if (response.isSuccessful) {
val nextPageUrl = parseNextPageUrl(response.headers())
val listType = object : TypeToken<List<Post>>() {}.type
val postList: List<Post> = gson.fromJson(response.body()?.string(), listType)
callback.onResult(postList, nextPageUrl)
override fun loadBefore(params: LoadParams<String>, callback: LoadCallback<String, Post>) {
// we don't need it, leave it empty
private fun parseNextPageUrl(headers: Headers): String? {
// parse URL from link header
class PostPagingDataSourceFactory : DataSource.Factory<String, Post>() {
override fun create(): DataSource<String, Post> {
return PostPagingDataSource()
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