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@ennioma ennioma/relam_storage_context.swift Secret
Last active Jul 6, 2017

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/* Storage config options */
public enum ConfigurationType {
case basic(url: String?)
case inMemory(identifier: String?)
var associated: String? {
get {
switch self {
case .basic(let url): return url
case .inMemory(let identifier): return identifier
class RealmStorageContext: StorageContext {
var realm: Realm?
required init(configuration: ConfigurationType = .basic(url: nil)) throws {
var rmConfig = Realm.Configuration()
rmConfig.readOnly = true
switch configuration {
case .basic:
rmConfig = Realm.Configuration.defaultConfiguration
if let url = configuration.associated {
rmConfig.fileURL = NSURL(string: url) as URL?
case .inMemory:
rmConfig = Realm.Configuration()
if let identifier = configuration.associated {
rmConfig.inMemoryIdentifier = identifier
} else {
throw RealmStorageError.inMemoryIdentifierMissing
try self.realm = Realm(configuration: rmConfig)
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