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Last active Sep 29, 2020
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Enrico Scherlies, B.Eng. Full-Stack Engineer and former CTO
Based in Berlin

I am a full-stack engineer with a focus on backend. I have over three years of experience and been a CTO of my startup Kitabote.

I love Functional Programming and Colemak(-DHm)

Work Experience

April 2017 - ongoing

In the last three years I built a backend with microservices, wrote APIs, released an app for iOS and Android, built a web platform, configured Linux servers, built DevOps pipelines, worked with lambda and cloud functions, wrote tests, integrated payment services, worked with various databases (noSQL, SQL, Graph), built a PWA and wrote software documentation.

I also designed and implemented a suitable software architecture for the respective projects. Some of the technologies I used are React, React Native, NodeJS, ExpressJS, Google Cloudfunctions, MongoDB, SQL, DGraph, (JavaScript), Typescript, C, PHP, Python, Linux..

Recently I learned Haskell (and with it proponents of side-effect-free, functional programming). Earlier on while still studying I also did functional/procedural programming to build engineering simulations in C and Matlab.

April 2017 - July 2020

As the technical co-founder I have build and shipped iOS and Android apps, a web platform, an API, a file server, developed and deployed a microservice server architecture, build CI/CD pipelines, and did analytics.

Technical Skills

Coding Proficient: JavaScript (NodeJS)
Worked with: Bash, Typescript, Python, PHP, C, Matlab, SQL, Fish Shell, Haskell
Tech React, NoSQL, APIs, NodeJS, Linux, BaaS (Firebase, AWS), CMSs, React Native, Gitlab/Github Automations, MongoDB, CouchDB, MySQL, DGraph, Pipelines
Meta Functional Programming, Data Mining/Scraping, Testing, Building a Software Architecture, CI/CD, Microservies, Clound/Lambda Functions, Shell Scripting


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Project Client Date Stack Notes
Kitabote Plattform and App Prima Familia GmbH 2017 - 2020 React, React Native, ExpressJS, Websockets, MongoDB, MoleculerJS, Bash, NodeJS, Microservices, Linux, CI/CD I developed and shipped a kindergarten communication platform and App for parents and daycare managers. (Kitabote). This included writing the backend, an API, the frontend for mobile and web as well as devops pipelines and automation.
Trusted Care Trusted Care AG 2017 - 2020 Meteor, Cordova, Webdriver, Puppeteer, XCode, Swift/Objective-C, Bash, Mocha, Chimp, MongoDB I helped building the backend and frontend (web&mobile), wrote automation shell scripts, developed a testing suite and wrote technical documentation
ImmoScout Bot Personal 2019 Puppeteer, NodeJS, Airtable API Finding a flat in Berlin is a pain in the ass and to make things easier I coded a bot for my personal use.. and in less than a week I found one!
Hacking Engineering Fraunhofer GmbH, VDMA GmbH 2019 React w/ Styled-Components, Wordpress w/ ACF + WP REST API Link – I Developed a WordPress theme which integrates a React Frontend to a Wordpress Backend with Advanced Custom Fields
Der Rollberg Ruft Electronic Media School gGmbH 2019 React w/ custom CMS based on .md files Rollberg ruft, I developed a custom CMS based on Markdown files displayed in a react frontend
Songbuilder Jeffrey Kolkman 2019 React, ExpressJS, Stripe SDK, PayPal SDK, Python I developed a prototype of a custom e-commerce shop running on an nodejs/express server with a python script to let you generate and buy your own motivational songs
IPO Tables Lars Zimmermann 2019 React, Firebase IPO Tables
Live-Chat for >5000 ppl Laura Seiler Coaching GmbH 2018 React, Firebase, Wordpress Plugin I developed a live-group-chat that supports at minimum 5000 people chatting live
Mh Hive MH Hub UG (haftungsbeschränkt) 2018 Airtable, Firebase, React Build a React Front-End. Wrote a script to move data from airtable to firebase
StarCar Crawler Personal 2017 NodeJS, Vanilla JavaScript I build a crawler to automatically look out for specials
Free Bugs Hackathon 2017 React Free Bugs Project for the coding da Vinci hackathon
Bonny&Byte Bonny&Byte GmbH 2017 React, Wordpress API, SCSS, JavaScript Support I build their initial Website with React & Wordpress, Scss and supported them with JavaScript
Ela Crain Ela Crain 2017 React + Wordpress API Website

Given Workshops & Teaching

Co-Organizer OpenTechSchool Berlin 09/2017 - present We organize meetups and events to support learning tech stacks
Coach JuniorLab 11/2018 - Teaching Kids how to code
Design Thinking OSCEdays 06/2018 - Together with "refashionrefood" we will develop an app prototype!
Circular Coding OSCEdays 06/2018 - At the OSCEdays 2018 in Berlin I gave a workshop about: Circular Coding — learn about the roots of open source, how you can use coding as a superpower and let's explore how software can make a positive impact


2012 - 2017 Bachelor of Engineering (Product Development and Renewable Energy), Hochschule Bonn-Rhein-Sieg 2009 - 2011 Abitur


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