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Sophos Pre-Config
# Modify the usernames and paswords to whatever you use and then copy the edited command below, into your terminal. Make sure you are located
# Inside /Sophos\ before you execute the line.
./CreateOnAccessPreconfig -AutoLaunch "YES" -InArchives "NO" && sudo ./CreateUpdatePreconfig -PrimaryServerType 1 -PrimaryServerUserName SophosSvcAccount -PrimaryServerPassword \!4m31337 -PrimaryServerURL -SecondaryServerType 0 -SecondaryServerUserName username -SecondaryServerPassword 2099wh00p33
# Note: If you are using a password that begins with a ! (bang) you need to put a \ (backslash in front of it, because if not the script
# will treat the bang, like a bang and it will error out...
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