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Last active December 27, 2018 15:50
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;;;; experiment-struct.lisp
;;; Replace structure slot accessor with generic function.
;;; Use it when only one or two slots need generic function otherwise
;;; use class.
(defpackage #:exp-struct
(:use #:cl))
(in-package #:exp-struct)
(defmacro define-struct-generic (name (struct) &body body)
(let ((ns (intern (concatenate 'string "%%" (symbol-name name))))
(fn (symbol-function name))
(sc (find-class struct nil)))
;; Ensure fn is function and struct is structure-class.
(when (and (eql (type-of fn) 'function)
(eql (type-of sc) 'structure-class))
(defvar ,ns (copy-symbol ',name t))
(fmakunbound ',name)
(defgeneric ,name (,struct)
(:method ((instance ,struct))
(funcall ,ns instance))
;;; Test with
;;; C-c C-c => slime-compile-defun
;;; No problem
(defstruct foo bar baz)
;;; No problem
(define-struct-generic foo-bar (foo)
(:method ((instance null)) 0))
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