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Last active Oct 23, 2015
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AIX howtos

#restart ssh

stopsrc -s sshd;startsrc -s sshd

#restore tar file to local directory

tar cvf /tmp/absolute.file.tar /tmp/xyz
pax -s //./ -rvf /tmp/absolute.file.tar 
smit user
smit group
mkdir /mnt/nim
mount dc1nim1:/ibminst/ITM /mnt/nim

#manage users

cli - passwords

    dc2imh1:/root # for i in ibm gfr;do for j in usr adm opr hlp;do echo echo \"$i$j:PASSWORD\" \| chpasswd; done; done
    echo "alice:PASSWORD" | chpasswd

##remove users

rmuser  '-p' itmuser
rmgroup   db2fenc1

##change users

chgrpmem -m = dasursr1,db2inst1,db2inst2,db2inst3 itmuser
chgrpmem -a = admingrp itmuser
chuser home='/itmdb/instances/itmuser' itmuser

create groups and users

mkgroup -A id=810 db2iadm1
mkgroup -A id=811 db2fadm1
mkgroup -A id=812 dasadm1
mkgroup -A id=813 db2iadm2
mkgroup -A id=814 db2fadm2
mkgroup -A id=815 db2iadm3
mkgroup -A id=816 db2fadm3

mkdir -p /itmdb/instances
mkuser id=812 pgrp=dasadm1 shell=/bin/ksh home=/itmdb/instances/dasusr1 dasursr1
mkuser id=810 pgrp=db2iadm1 shell=/bin/ksh home=/itmdb/instances/db2inst1 db2inst1
mkuser id=811 pgrp=db2fadm1 shell=/bin/ksh home=/itmdb/instances/db2fenc1 db2fenc1
mkuser id=813 pgrp=db2iadm2 shell=/bin/ksh home=/itmdb/instances/db2inst2 db2inst2
mkuser id=814 pgrp=db2fadm2 shell=/bin/ksh home=/itmdb/instances/db2fenc2 db2fenc2
mkuser id=815 pgrp=db2iadm3 shell=/bin/ksh home=/itmdb/instances/db2inst3 db2inst3
mkuser id=816 pgrp=db2fadm3 shell=/bin/ksh home=/itmdb/instances/db2fenc3 db2fenc3


Increase fs size

/usr//sbin/chfs 512bytes -a size='+512' /opt
smitty chjfs2
    -unit size
        +512 to add 500MB
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