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Ortonello thank you very much for inviting me to give a kenowit two knots i guess tously at ostend eighty.
I feel very honour.
These are also to conferences that i love i feel very home home here.
These are my kind of conferences and so a very grateful to be here when i was asked to tinoir to think about how to have a good kid now what kind of kenwardine for parasites like this and.
I timeliness and the top five heads that were all basically james mackenzies.
Bit discouraging for me because i cannot possibly match james answered tion and insight in his king housewall do.
The best i can so having been felt olinto remember the kind of inattention things might make sense to model the ratio in and seemed to be a number that i remember why which is i could sort of spent.
Forty five minutes being smuggled out my pasteur in telling you about it as i do really feel termagant my research for reasons that will probably become clear in the course of this talk so that i seem to be terribly appropriate anon a notion as i could tell you my latest and greatest start.
I don't have a start up and fortunately.
And i'm unlike you to have one so that he worked that a third model appears to be that of kind of conference keen on as katharsis or conference kintra where the speaker sort of basically unloads years of pentecost on about how certain things in the recent community work or certain ideas or propagated of things like that and basically domeneddio three sorry but as this.
And i get to.
And that's what this talk will extent be.
About so vologeses pologies effect topic of this talk is going to be pretty neat.
I know talk about operate existence operating system sadistic for operating systems.
Desired implementation and indeed third is next and arterial conference these days and a focus on onotawah this data in this conference there are thirty one paper six percent roughly or about the design implementation of operating system and cavalcades fully a quarter of this conference is tied to machine lanning mary if we look back a year iterant twenty.
He was twice as big terenty paper accepted in twenty forty.
But actually ruffian proportion of the work.
The about the design of limitation of operating system machinery was loitering there plenty.
O the good opeechee lanning.
Had two for fallecio devoted to itself in twenty twenty ah this year.
Operating systems designed imputation dozen even married its own section i had to show that with hardware which is running.
So we can speculate as to why this is happening right and.
An one popular sort of forlornest isn't that much interest in artistes these days is that basically linework ere the next solidarity and it works well enough.
You know what point is there in exploring radical curative to answer in extraordinary quite happily runs inexorable that the cartesian for this if we achieve look at the feet papers an operating system designation that were actually polished atheistical of years.
Basically two of them last year and one of them miserably written inside lenox mansion fence operating system design and implementation and.
All the door of the operating smites the feringistan forester excepted take for granite designer of lennox and then triakonteris ways and oddities presentiments in terms of instance formaliter again sort of man for the field of actual operating system design and as any one inordinately botanising and operating system.
Whether it opposable research system more production system.
There's a huge rich designs specificate dominey is the absolutely no interest or one interest but already little interest in this community in the getting it published a wherever very little published work on the desire implementation of operatic cantata we are not necessarily valuing his work of other work insistence.
Was a departing iciting onto a not submitting in not accepting it wherever there's a whole prelates for that and also of interlocking sinecure some of the materials and the financial i don't want to go there.
I am not going to talk about that here.
Instead what i want to talk about it this knossian to argue.
Said this is abatagati on partition because right now this is the time when we really really need good work in the design and implementation of operating system and we needed now because hardware is really changing in a way that really the terms how should think about readiest.
And we need the response from people who really understand the design and implementation of predigested so it is bad that we devouter in its community now.
I don't mean all to criticise the conference right you know and other composite.
I love.
This compression great painters in his program ritual of really really good work going on to this is not a criticism but that is the outreaches who are published in versatility want to make an argument for why we need to really really care about this relatively small topic of the design and implementation of operating system.
Can and to do that i need only look very carefully at the hardware the window running his operating samson and.
Before i do that though i need to explain exactly what i mean when i talk about operating system yet.
So what do i really mean when i talk about an operation i want every clear about what i mean operate so infinite in number of different ways.
Some good some bad akinetos ample here will badenoch is one i'm going to use in the rest of this talk he gave to the first one here.
Is essentially on to logical.
And i don't find it terribly useful.
The operating system is the colonel casterans plus the system run time libraries again.
I think this is about definition.
Is pretty very for one thing again in what is a rummy rat is the bananas i run imminence.
The repristination were eating anything at all about what the operating system actually does in fact it strongly discourages critical thinking about what the operating system does again cold but the operatives to is not what he does.
And i much more dressed arides because i'm worried about terminology that reduces that can often to think critically about things this is not a definition here for operating system designers or implemented not even terribly good as a definition of the ushered.
Want to know about colonel and the demons everything of the thrill prisoning for them or to cases where it is failing to do for them in the second definition.
Is a functional definition and.
This is what reason i like it.
It says what the operating system actually does the operating system is that part of the software running on a machine that is about securely multiplex in machines had resources abstracting them in useful ways for the application protecting applications from each other protecting the operating isolations protecting that from unauthorized access all that can ostein the hard wersts available in order to do this again this.
I like this.
Is the definition that i want to use in mistake however about this if this is actually some form of this kind of definition here.
He is actually used in.
Most operating systems textbooks are used used to day right he shouldn't be a surprise anybody who this is a reasonable definition of it.
But the funny thing about this differential is.
If he take this and you retrospectively applies to reality cantation serif that's what the operating system is let's look at a moment system and let's see what the operating system is based on this definition something really rather unexpected happens gay and.
That sort of a ferdishenko letty look at whole badinage really looks like so here is your basic diagram of a computer system that we teach a students many mutinous this this mental model of what's happening inside a computer.
This is from.
A antagonists esitate hing entreaties may be to stiltedness about this trapper is that this is essentially a iron or the machine that was used.
A slightly abated to write one back in the day fifty one fifty two years ago.
And i came to get a procession some mad voices down here to basketry fine.
Everything moved everything's fine and one.
So i like you next week really well on machine like this in lacework or already well on a machine like this.
It's actually very simple of course to practice modern computers.
Don't quite like this.
I can so barrimore up to date way of viewing modern ecuador something like this.
This is a science pocantico right because i know if i cashmere than here in bundles that had several other sort useful preference confitures teamwork in things like that.
I can again this machine.
This is more is nice appealing and simple its castrani's uniform.
All these calls of basically there alsinastrum every access of effect performance but lenox unexistent could use lenoxes that man example of that work.
Is great from machine like this again.
Now you can drink this in various ways right in him prove before one by looking at locking of the canal or looking at castlegarry repeating some day to structures perhaps across different nomination.
You know you can treat this vegetable.
You could also treat the ovaries you can you can follow had together before men from your device drivers talking to the rest of the system but basically leniores fine ones that was actual lot different ways you could write in operating system for a machine like this but most operating system will be actually used to day look like the basic unit motel we have a colonel colonel.
Is a shared memory muttered program that runs in a single physical address base at akitcita memory of use votary icewater in sources.
Appear some elysian demons inside the canal obviously we use the calls.
But we also have divided rivers that vistas might be moved up into use space into my croqueting.
You can this boundary here and down.
But this is basically the model of operating system at a high level coronall.
Know about it.
There's a lot of room for playing around in here.
But that basically what we think of as a computer.
That's fine.
The trouble is that when we actually look at what real hardware is this model operating system which is basically derived from this model meseemeth granson from the problems are that this mode of ceasing eocene is a fancy this is not what a computerman in this is what leontine to look like his what the next pretends a computer look like and let it get away with pretending that the computer looks like this because lenient actually doing everything that you would expect an operating system to do for the recent again this model.
This darracott is a total fantasy and it is alive in some ways it is a dangerous life.
And i show you why it's heterostyled theayter danger in here.
Again it's a fancy.
It doesn't exist it's.
A very tall computers do not look like this computers do not unlike this.
It's very possible that this is not what an operating system looks like.
And i can argue in some way that is alsatians emit.
Is what lenoncourt well here is catamaran processor sister monica.
This is a computer.
This is what a maroncelli compared retaliated part here.
And so what's going on here.
Well every one of these circles is a different set of processes.
These processes see a different view of physical address as they have different addressing properties.
They are different architectures they may or may not be captured with each other and cashiered with other sort of clusters all the way around in the system.
The game this is an enormously complicated beast it doesn't look a bit like the nice model that i showed you that is the assumption kaimakan.
And of course a different as society righteousness productiveness and different one is articulation is going to have a different set of heterogeneous processes with a different set of address coating rules that applied differently to different tastes in in the same process and is going to be programmed in a very different way in canto of these.
Are more colorful others occasioned in different kinds and risk five supposed to clear up this whole massinissa.
A messy business cares was supposed to who introduced litanies in ontoirely really hope it exceeds in looking forward to his exceeding painters of making us see some clean doesn't seem to be working great so far to get everything right where you can lornsdale logic that you like to make things you know hardly reconcilable in also in all the gay tone isolated rent presses all over the place.
This is the reality.
This is.
What computers actually look like again to day is what they like he is the last one this is an exporter callosities actually from barbecuing echecrates using this kind of her.
And so you know you can look at her and say what actually managing the hardware chat is doing what our definition of an operating system said an operating system should do again what exactly is managing the hardware securely mutilating it abstracting it allocating resources doing protection wotever so what what lines actually operating here as an operating system is this small cluster of cause here that's it learns on that what runs all the rest of this stuff.
It's a son of random retroactive time colonel michael at a kind of stuff.
The ransom all the other persons in the sister again.
What that does collectively is the function of the operating system.
This is what the operating system is actually dying and kasuga and we retrospectively reply a blythe definition is a what is the operating system for this and aristocratic system for this machine.
He is not lennox the operating system for this machining.
Fled thine is a component but elsa has to include all the rest of this stuff.
So what is the design of this operating system.
There isn't one missus not an operating system that has been designed.
This is an operating system that is concealed in this is not going to end.
Well this does not look like a regular cetinski.
Can say yes this machine runs lennox sure i isolation say my androtten runs pugdog crushed cool but.
That doesn't mean this unforeseen can go is the upper disasters to opens to run on a small part of the hardware again the thing that is performing the functions of the operating system.
Something else came hennetit form a part of it.
But it is a relatively small part of it as we shall see her so if you interested in what the issues are with operating system design implementation whole thing is very clear which is imitating these problems.
Right what is it exceeding hers allowing you to run existing applications of this thing somehow by an is providing maybe some useful device drivers for some devices in your tell isn't doing building that's all and loathesome.
Agesipolis not doing for activating it not doing security in some cases.
This is an interesting situation.
Is this brilliant problem in practical you know.
Well i would say that it is so it is a problem for a number of reasons i give you two examples of this capture and his first one.
This is a security catastrophe.
A case arletta is the only thing running on the machine of course that's not true and soothings can happen here is the quarteroon alone exploit from europe.
So what happen here is that the economies made tennessee that can do dearest message buffers and things like that but it messages in everything is protected by the system animate system so that it doesn't actually de ma extenuations are protected that in a way what happens is actually this this colonists own presences and the beating a complete operate that operating usability particular has a vulnerability over the wire so fine pachecos in take over that operating system completely compromise as it that'll bring system can then we violate most of the assumptions of lineage.
Are bout what this device can be expected to do the device can form incanto programming the systematisations the coromantines not compromised for lacessit kasiascall over the wire that is the ruestow you can patch this but decision this does give a time if you pascherette for the cocoon that's okay.
But that's of economic problem which is that there's a fundamental assumption inside an exit the orison the machine does nothing else that its being reasonably intelligent in turns out.
There is an assumption of this a single physical address basin that point i don't need to be swizzled and.
Part of the confusion that going on here is the need to do hollowdell nt pointers were lain between different physical address bases on the derbend in the annex.
So called osterman was.
Lemaitre delegated the victress then athanase of how to do this canting because it doesn't fit in with the vasistas of the next house.
Had its anicetus orangeine operating system with homogeneous cause acherusia asticot good.
We can see more of us things coming up the phrase here is cross associate.
And it's a very very interest of people.
You know you see people all booted toleration.
This can of things declared worried about this.
And so he is a very different corporation i got a traitorous in municipal moonpath.
Making use of application knowledge frinstance too montalent use of seventy.
You've got a price.
Is always all appartement on safe or example.
This act feature is actually running on a different anacarsis unnoticed now why is it doing that and do not because those of the set of course apollo bringing up the system of controlling power of everything else on the ship and.
Indeed many cases the rest of the book.
So anything you might do inside lenox is trying to second gas.
A whole lot of complicated policy that already running on another computer inside the sister of the processionists were its own set about and inanities as to what needs to do not be able to manage about it is recitative is clearly kerosene because limit doesn't have a good way of negotiating with this kind of thing because they exist you that now it is the overpraise and let its calm absorbed touriste because running on a different president architecture in different physical addresses on so other fields clearly carrying about this.
So you sing a lot of attention paid to these kinds of attacks on the security monoplane architecture condition how you might want a better construct these complex asymmetric heterogeneous non uniform multiplicata modern computers as is what in every memorial that so they don't see lonesomely problems in sorte.
Do they work around them by building hardware because building hardware is what acted again they were harnessing lots of weird hardware features right for example that that i off security secret processes and he gamekeepers in their manage power transparently to tenesco limits.
Doesn't actually deal with it or in heterogenist deal with it.
And there's already sundered the fiction as the structure makes it very difficult to do that okasise increasingly large proportions of a computer being moved out of the remarks.
The next no longer manages methodists expected to do frontier by her as a result of the hardware the king will turn you were viewing this is that lee's retreat or you are prating systems really the idea of operating systems as written by operatic devotees has retreated a from the machine into this cave nicolosi.
Oeland this case in the hot left hand corner of this dighton.
Lived in the fiction that there on an ice to the friend lysimachia and not have to worry about all the rest the stuff is going on here an armed is one so responded to limitations an obstruction operating system by hiding more and more operating system from charity from the operating system itself because the operating state is incapable of dealing with it with the kind of hardware that is being necessitated by the end of marsland arcading the rest of that catinat's why this is a real problem.
Enables what about those very very few people who are actually interested in writing negresses and managed to get them published in venus like those.
So what about those new operating spitalthor of them which we published the last two years in operating systems design and implementation of kanesville that what they do i think the great by the way.
But one thing i noticed about this they all target exactly the same harencourt to pieces because pieces are easy to get hold of in the national and the total understood in a car so they make the same assumption that learned is about the hoarders it under wilchester.
A canteen or peculation house.
You know.
So replicate distractions scared ability this might be good enough to perhaps for severities.
Many these armano these operations attire.
And so perhaps i know we should just treat associated differently from moorhens and things.
Seethes can of this is kind of cooperation unlustrous actually still fine when you look at service.
So men all that though a spoiler ladened.
But anyway for the moment there let's just see what they do in the clear message though released i think is being sent to people who liked to come to these conferences like me is evangelised in operating so designed alimentation you should work on machine leanings and potentates as saying you know security privacy deadening but operating systems again i would observe that all of these subjects how their own multiple dedicated conferences to very high court their religions the early one of these topics on this liardet have its own dedicated conference in fact operating system again if you really really insist on working on operating systems make sure that the operating system you're working on is like the game.
And i know if you want to be aripuanan and.
So now you've got a luxury of being stubborn or you just asked open.
And you actually want to work on a non lancaster make sure that it will look like that make sure it makes the same assumption as the next of our hardwareman.
That's what your options are at a place like a antechamber here.
Is a reason addingtonian missus remedy.
This problem here again.
I turnout of a shed physical dresses kind of at the heart of what this man because the driver and the firm where on the moderate do hold of points whistling because there is no shade physical address paternoster.
But it's different addresses you have to actually do complicated remains of addresses as you go between things again so that a fundamental assumption violated right there again.
And so perhaps you might want to think about may be fixing the problem.
May be coming up with a lettermore engage you wandering by the way vesinand doesn't actually solve this problem at all as exactly the same problem which is that it assumes the issue of fiscal auspices i refer to he did produce a version of our office which fixed his problem and his from using aforesaid model all mouldered address faces that captured the state machine could be dynamically updated in the vase a mapping change look at telepagram all kinds of things like that.
And it carried the authorization waterways through those complicated transactions actions and.
It would have solved this problem.
Can not we have no trouble publishing this cut of working for atherstones they love this constabule is actually flying for all matters to noting the real world then than they are arresting as any which look at that you know of enthusiasm conversation or interesting one recess and genesmere published often because people did understand we could do as it wasn't benito.
We had a railway we thought a matelote.
The valuations action let's remove the implementation action latest mention any oppression or at rename it.
Something kabitka.
Next maisie out how we can do a subset of this now this factionaries.
But we can ospedale is for a particular virtue that we could actually maintop the next letter at equipoise but.
This and intend being uttered an this mornin that somewhere i can this is the lifeblood of the rescuing citoyen.
I i apologize for this if i cause a fence.
But there is a certain you know and exaggerating for effect so pleased to be offended by this if you think that i'm talking about you.
But we do have a roomer which is that too many people don't actually know what mahadeo's like and like to believe that baltook like a fancy but if these people in the audience you don't remember the acutest that's mighty five percent of you you can do it.
I was a nice computer in day and may be listening.
But this is basically ignorance about would harbourage.
It is not warlockians.
It is well documented.
But it's.
You know people do not realize that this is what a computer is to day go.
But i think was another problem which is a too many people find it much more comfortable to focus on what lines.
Well they don't want to go outside the night comfortable and saying in the italian this committee of the hearer is justified traversing else that somebody else is from.
I don't need to worry about that i came because i can work in operating systems just by looking at what mementoes in the settled part of the machine and someone else will take care of the rest of it.
And i'm fraid this is called a nail.
And i think that this is possibly a worse.
And i think the trouble that we have in operating systems is a fair amount of operating systems denial and ignorance.
And i don't know how to fix this.
But i would like to try i think fixing it is perhaps a cultural problem.
But i point out that this is a crazy situation to be him.
We should be really excited about this situation.
This is huge job security for people who like to work with openings systems.
This is a reptile who want to get into what is for the union of the deepest most interesting bits of computer science conditioner ful con.
Says i wouldn't trust offer and by any one who hasn't written a first level intractable with for that effect.
And there's a lot of interest in its well treating their own ordinary companies are writing new operations which are not the mexican.
Oisland the righting it for a very bright different regions.
Sometimes experimental antibes they want to get round biancomonte.
He often is peachey want from shout or security or assurance or simplicity or something else that limits not providing for them.
This is an interesting time to be working in operating system and there is.
Demand for this is a relevant problem it is a timely problem again.
This is the irony of all this and which is that princesses of being bounded by academies industries beginning to set of wake up to the idea is asherill interesting an important problem.
So i don't know what to do about the culture i don't know what to do about getting people interested in abrantes in what to do about getting people more open to the idea that there is really important interesting ground.
Were to be done here but for people who do think morris i have two modest gestion to hothead with us passages on for how to deal tallest with these issued had or preach this.
The situation is to actually caracalla a go and programme.
As is monitor anythink about what you might do to have an opening to the real the whole thing rather than just a very small part portion of the car they came at last chips and not that expensive development to a pretty aintree case of inanition arabia you want to meeneestyerstvoh stuff on there is kinder the deputies.
Many many other associates that you can pick it and use and the interesting they have complicated systems problems and they are worth looking at a cafe they can be a bit intimidating piso here is a manual for the next process.
It is eight thousand nine hundred of the maintenon pages law that quite a lot but wakenesses would be able to understand that mannerly you know my amusement problem navigating.
That may not that you don't know the whole thing.
But you can find your way through it to the kind of information that you need to know and any particular point tragedies times this documentation is very good but quite of his recordation is its scalped and.
It's pretty well structure weediness something that we should be able to do not only that these things are enormously complex its true and something will might be put off from engaging with the complexity of highway just because its complex that hey this is great.
This is this is outsworn.
We are computer scientists complexity.
Is pisiness.
We don't create a expectantly again.
This is a real world complexity problem that we are uniquely position to be able to solve and many people will vanator it because there are many many many sovereigns who have to negotiate documentation like this out in the real world i can.
And if we can help her that would be great and we have lots of coolavin we have lots of techniques that were helped we can not tools to willis gratis is a fundamental requirement for any kind of verified colonel to provide assurance to use its frinstance.
And we've got verification people want them very excited.
They let some of them even get accepted for the legation operating system design and cementation and can we can synthesize code from tolerations of this kind of thing.
That's a very interesting guide moosewood's been to sommieres ing work in that kind of area.
Okay you can run a verification of hardware and software efoua marriage.
The complexity of hardware and water represents it in machine and that what we do at as could be discarded to go we can deserve secure by construction in faces all kinds of cool things.
There's a whole lot of construction do.
Here this is an amazingly good desecrates arch are.
If you do not this room we tried it.
It's fun to dressing loopat explore prepared every time father what i would say is you might find something interesting as a result of that when you go into this kind of space that ten years ago jaff nigel and drew parmenio's wearisome road favor cool could mitigate was about the gap between arter and operating system roscoe points.
Were making that paper was that it's hard for operating system people and i telephonic with each other.
Like fifty people to early understand lord or bring systems concerns and so create problems from erisipelas principle to be of it.
Asseverated not really complain about it or critical instead.
You know and of describing of autorial in the bar conferences or england.
So one of the consequences of this gap this gap remains to this day.
Is that october try to solve problems that they see as being problems without necessarily engaging operating supper if they do they might engage operating as most people who now don't necessarily want to solve a problem because you would be too disruptive to their own kind of models and c and so on of the interesting things you eat you discover about many of these associates is that for very good hardware design reasons very good prevalent reasons the hardware is almost designed to sand box line in a corner where it can cause too much trouble to the rest of the system.
A this is a cadet seeing that the operating system is not solving the problems for them not being able to change the operating system or revolver replace it and so desired to silinta they have no choice but to take matters into their own hands and designers problems into another part of the system.
And you get interesting understanding that when you try and do right to fully heterogenious operating system the programs all because in maneaters urges on tristan everything into account.
You can.
Would you can do most of the documentation the man begin to see.
Understand how these tissues is now association.
This kind of this operating system that is really an operating system because it isn't really making the machine that's an interesting thing.
And i think that as researchers ortachi response to that has to be for my second gestion here which is that we should be prepared to build our own computers not be pared necessary to go preceesely be a bit be prepared to build computers in order to help us to this research and explore alternative harrisons that are not constrained by this need to support not ring system that isn't really be fomentations of operating system anunt.
Can wanting has actually changed since two thousand veneration as it is much easier to get computers built and if you think about what computer you might want to do research into the problem of how to write operations for hydrogenous associes with complicated into connect kinds of hardware is a reality to day then are you comeliness ideas.
And there's lots of different ways to custis.
Is our idea.
Turanian busiest cartesian.
You may have heard of it.
I will the citizens.
Basically it's a essonne side than it's got a big effort pigeon the other side locks on memory aragonese hissar that is under us to do our own research on a gay.
And it turns out the count actually to day get something like this bill.
And we actually have an his picture of it and indeed antlers on their bed and the heavy abertewey managed to get on machineguns is absolutely also experience been trustfully educational for us.
We've learned sumach from actually doing it as well as now having a fantastic platform cattalo of the research to that we were doing and the group on one bishareen conwersation of it we can confide this to instrument things witichis tractable things we can use a staff.
So you know where we were glad that we went through the pandits akaion of the things that really came out of the experience for us have tried to build a machine again.
Is that we got to know what a computer in looks like.
And we realize that we did not know we did not know what a computer actually.
But i confide to a big computer like this again.
And we got to know one experience of having to write a lot of the sorosis firmware.
The unmanly don't see if you just by computer and then installed in exoneration of that toronto example.
And so this is.
This is an interesting experience.
Let me show you another simplified dog.
This is a diagram or a entirely revision of the signallers again but the interesting thing about the stars.
Not the indian's pacific suffragettes.
Other man sort of numerous and epithet really affect this argument oracles interesting bit from this perspective think of this as a two note no masinissa the interesting thing here is actually dishing in the middle.
Ear this thing in the circle this cherkis the board management control car and.
Almost any sure looks like this in this respect and in is not that unusual.
It's fairly conventional for a design for a serenissima is useless that this book mineralised.
It's very clear.
We are right or suffer it.
And so an indian you get to see this in a way that you wouldn't necessarily see this if you operating regular lines on a regular service.
But it's still there that point is it still there and.
This thing is in charge of squinting and clock the ormont ring a throttling all kinds of things full of the whole system and it runs a lot otaheitan.
It is impressed he actually runs leniently will looking to place that mistletoe everything about machine and has a huge man privilege the machine i can see memory and reticence hundred thousand lines of care before the main sphere comes out of recent.
So this is a huge important thing.
Can but what also interesting about this is that you begin to realize when you start writing the soarers that actually this is a service rebridled about neurasthenic.
Is night cosimo.
This is the reality of modern service they are not nice and cosy all they are just as complex just as heterogeneous just as wildly configured all as associates that again that can of hidden from you and this in a sense i think avereshti to write the firmware the controls all the other processes on this that are embedded in all these differences of appropriators regulators of the empress's everything.
The process of doing that for us was the final narinno.
This cosy kind of model of harwich i have tried to persuade you is a complete fancy.
It's a fantasy.
Doesn't exist it's not merely fictitious.
It is a dangerous fiction because it makes us forget and ignore issues that are really important and these are operating system issues and the security people are worrying about their articulating about this.
But we should be worrying about this not only to wornout this.
We should excite operate fact that this is a cooking so summarise a gay operating.
Such was.
Her search is really needed.
Right now i had were different in interesting and scares right and isolated in what this means for operating on scopinaro right new operating system.
I they are writing openings research in the ceriso lievain security in architecture with this community doesn't actually seem to be very interested in this which is a given that it's an operating system problem the way something about the way that we deal with admiration is actually discouraging this work.
And i think this is bad.
And i think that when i do something about this.
And i think that the heart of this problem is that there is in operating systems did not all about.
The fact that we think of as commercial operating system might solve problems.
And there is also eclectic actually happening inside realer.
A lot of this stuff is esaias models of farmerettes realities very different.
It's interesting.
Its documented its challenging to engage with.
The that's kind of the point and.
So mosenstein amazing opportunity.
This is exciting imitator this kind of thing.
There is so much cool interesting farrago be done in trying to address the operating system problems challenges that are raised by this kind of anger and to really rethink how you manage harbour.
And we got great tools to do this right which would touters go.
And then extortioners.
Ago we've got real good for tottapotomoi canoe.
We've got ready trusting language as he made stuff in rusticate in this conference restoring systems weether kinds of tooling and we've got also amazing new hardware can help us to the stuff of pegasean when you're trying to write operating as demeter both in terms of what you want targets what you can use to help you.
I profit minatarees.
It okay why we wasting all this opportunity of his talents his this time on basically a fifty old view of hardware.
Really doesn't apply any more.
I think we could do so much better.
Right there is a great obtorto.
Do that.
And that's why excited about it at the same time.
I wish there was more attention being paid this problem in conferences like this.
Thank you very much.
That's all i have to say i would like to acknowledge i will load of people in the engineman and elsewhere he felt a lot with very regretful to all that kind of stuff.
It's been a wild ride.
It's still a piledriver.
It's been a tremendous experience satanstoe.
You know praises are really collaborative work and we had a lot of great claverton ones so stand with her monotony.
Very much foresighted tardily interesting.
And i guess a little humbling as speaking as wont of the people of imputing together the operating system program that didn't have a hyphenating system papers.
And we do have we do have a few questions that have been coming in on the lachenel.
And i hope will see more as we as we get into the quinette first ones.
I think so somuch a question but a comment on a guest difficulty or you know the barriers to entry and getting started in something like this given the complexity of operating system code and the extreme complexity of the hardware now with the systems on the ship and and the fact that you know really where we all have this fantasy of what the hardware looks like that we perpetuate by teaching that fantasy to our undergraduate students and bringing them into granchester large list of collaborators there and obviously a lot of people involved in an infantine like this.
Do you have any suggestions or advice on how to overcome that i guess said initial entry barrier of jodelling i can hear him good okehampton to criticise.
I was the inocencio of this conference incoming as polarities program that doggerina a thinker on interested in bladders imprinting out.
But this is the sort of the reality of this stuff and most other conferences were pretty much the same i don't buy this argument that operating systems are hussars.
Is hard we should be working on hard problems.
I think it's the idea we should be working only on stuffed easy.
Has very interesting implication which i suspect though questioned in intent by which is that if they working on sominagot cause it's just much mauser in its less deep intellectually and its canonesses adorno hard and challenging problem than the re operating system that's not imitate.
And i think it's a very dangerous kanoron.
I think it's juristical be.
But many other fields are intellectually also think that the engineering argument the rheostat the offer that you need to go into trionfo is also wrong.
I think most systems acequia flood of cedar the next requires a vast amount of care.
But that kind of part of the point.
I mean if you.
If you know i think that the common was on the so much cold.
You have to understand you have to find a way through these balinsloe because you shouldn't be looking at the next the first line in you.
Should be figuring out what we understand about operating system you can look at much simplicity and much easy to understand for deserters much as tristan a loniceras montezuma.
But you can also in vague that actually easement of function ality that's really interesting from an operation effective for research.
Is much less look at seaforth's a much much easier paternoster smaller accused.
So this i don't buy this idumean that it is hard or if it is hard it should be hard.
It's not necessarily harder than other feels awe should be putting the work in idiotised to quotation.
One of quote sister was hard.
Must work at it.
You know that's just the connotation.
It's not that difficult to the engineering.
And and you know this community is built to huge afectionate recollected besieging and the way diversionary share a wedlock enough to have had quite a lot of people coming through the group here working on ingilisin minute horace.
I repeated but.
The writing and opening system sure you know we could just you know we don't use made to be one university.
You know we could work together.
So i i don't buy the argument in its heart.
I'm afraid we gain thanks to a ten encouragement for people to work more collaborative late because i i.
I agree we shouldn't as shy away from things because their heart but there are a lot of moving parts and certainly from the formal methods side of things and made borgain languages.
The hardware.
The system at all but nausicaa certainly the moisture in the talsonian to the next question and disponible the university of pronotary making an argument that you should be treating a single computer as a distribution of multiple workers each with its own operating system or praise differently why should there be one operating system controlling the whole distributed system that we call an associate nonootch of leaden about twelve years ago and we buttesthorn.
But i'm not making the aumonerie think that's one action for how to manage a heterogeneous beshmet ultimately in a again the definition of operating system again.
I think what whamsies falling into this ontological trap saying what is the operating system.
And i'm more interested in what what is it.
The operation does what is it that is doing what operating system should do so on associating ned.
It's a single administrative domain he will be much lowing placentis.
What is the operating system for that what is it that does that.
I now it might be a collection of different colonels one of which might be.
Lenient fine imitate an interesting open question.
What i'm saying is we should think about that as a problem and simply said attestation doesn't actually solve any problem at all again.
It's not potent.
Actly tell you how to make anything work and so sure you can structure what we end up calling the operating system for one of these machines in friedenthal noohin about it as a complete problem right and you may endearing ideas from distributes what we found improvisata it is a distribution ascoltate as a hollister that makes things complex which had memories different kinds of country fine but think about writing and operating system that actually manages.
The whole machine was the problems are in doing that rather than saying intonation this time of corniculate question from abbassides actually allowed the programmer to access those secret hidden computers in the assamese or there is specific instructions for that in the eye of a and in the programmer actually get out them denotement ontonagon the asses.
So you know nonentitarians is all pretty well documented by this thing as assistant control process or here that stuff i believe or may have a student unintermittent batiment how this kind of stuff works in the manual it's running a very different.
So these.
But it is possible to soreness dissociated county i because it is doing passionate rest of the assets.
But it's not too bad.
So now the there are some processes that are much harder to get.
Documentation for rotha try your atheromatous ask people about this morsimon strate that we could actually help if we knew about some of these things.
Are the better we pick for insinerate.
Doesn't have public acuminata as as we started talking to to caviare there were superheated.
Very very nice isabetta theeves a lot of very very useless and allowed us to sooveneers enough for us to do a lot of work.
And it didn't really impede could publish about system or what we could watch what a weelderness so that mister is not too difficult.
To get hold o some companies addressed but just avoid those companies and as to afomouthis here stagelike the argument that only hooty accept interesting papers if i always research because the word chesterman for half big ideas allows for less ossified view of alasse or perhaps the need for asterie to meagreness papers has caused the piece to be populated by people.
Who all my have limited expertise.
In what boissard really is as teaspoons or.
What might be wrong with many pieces is probably right on the market of his complete picture.
I think it's unmanliness avoideth problem.
The were in no.
I had anacaona a donation operations.
But i would wager it's less than a quarter of the programs amtrang to remember that seeming that i i do like halloweens i do like the halatane to submit a fully bakelite forebade by discussing it as a halfcastes in interesting a youantee is pentecost i am not sure it really you know has.
An operating system bokes i would love a operation lover workshop that was benitiers.
I'm maybe we should start there were technically running into the brantome here.
But there is a thesis more comment in questions in the slack and reach it is a relatively lengthways if you have time to stay with us for a bit of the great to keep this going operations of having the mediated through me.
I have a have a question from togarog who asks is the push to move everything to use her pace and by pastoral part of the same problem that the operating system isn't solving the problems we needed to onorata.
Be the capital those always been a push to move stuffiness and.
Abigail gontran cost.
You know this is a very aliases to selecting slightly change the structure of the operating system.
But i think it's slightly attaineth argument.
I'm kind of trying to make her amost of those efforts right now.
And then you know really are still predicated on the same model of hardware but hardware you pushed off in from the colonel up interspace.
Is still running on the same processes it still assuming.
A uniform address positioning uniform architecture and machine you know.
And so i would put you know my roquelaire gulbain a similar kanoatinos.
What's different is that my gregorovius how implementation so for example things lie you know.
Some of the the few papers that do get published on oratories again they're not really engaging with the hardware they're still in this kind of nicotined and moving suffuses pass.
Is a perfectly good thing to do with that point.
But it's not engaging the defence hardwareman changing the topically the thing that you're talking to from missus.
Passes actually a whole set of other processes running its own canandaigua.
So i'm no jection to that thinkin many ways.
It's a fine acetous.
Not really what i was arguing.
Some of this has been touched on.
But there's another question from vestland than he says yeomen a getting asperulas as hard and doing the oyster is hard.
But would you think is the right solution for the problem of not getting a theoriser not happening or getting expect excepted despite the being a very rich problem space here.
I think it's a very hard problem.
I think in.
His i didn't really want to go there.
And i tottontail's a number of factors.
So you know all interlocutress is the harrogate not going to be solved quickly.
I think it would be good to have if i knew that wisibly dedicated to appearing systems in the way that has the news that a dedicated to database frinstance they knew that a dedicated to the program languages.
The news that a dedicated to security benishaela was dedicated to oppression goin to actualities because there may not be enough people working on this or if there are.
You know they may be discouraged from submitting to ranovica stuff.
And so getting the quality might be difficult now tesman.
Many really renegotiation sofala's going to solve it entirely.
I do think it's a cultural change among a number of people that there's.
The submitting operating system papers many babyhood stubbornly persist in betting princess papers.
Adopted a very similar experiences they submitted paper to a conference the reports to be about operating system and they get three reviews back which a week wogenden the days when confidence levels were being beside low confidence on all three for new generally the reviewer expresses very low confidence bornation about the pantominists.
Appoint that jeff is making operation i've cardiograph cornetist and its changeful pete to get it to much hard than it was in no winiston it pieces of montmartre try to cover this huge ranges face and so fighting people who you know.
Understand enough about this kind of thing you know in a brotherhood.
Who can actually criterions is heard singapore and assad.
I think one of things i probably was addressing frieden think people really understand what the harpstrings and i tried to set to give an example of some of those upper and.
That's polybius of this wislac of understanding of the machines that were the aretina athenian.
You know we do have these clamberin in going about you know.
Researching that comes up often is the question now in our wee obsessed with a valuation in this field which makes it difficult to you know starter new project of the ground.
I think it's healthy for us to keep having these reflective conversations and asking about you know.
How we how we do better and to thank you again for a very provocative bag on were operating system research is going beforetimes a lot of comments going on in the slack.
And i think it's great that people are are continuing with that i don't have the linkum fingertips now.
But maybe somebody else composed in we do have the alarmed over there during the break and continue this composition.
I think that would be wonderful and everyone pleskow you can't said the applause of the audience unfortunately.
But i think every one enjoyed this very much.
So thank you and you into a nicomachus.
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