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public struct StderrOutputStream: OutputStreamType {
// Support for file redirection back to console
private static var fpos : fpos_t = 0
private static var fd = dup(fileno(stderr))
private static var isRedirected_ = false
public static var isRedirected : Bool {return isRedirected_}
// When false, the output file is rewritten and not appended
private static var appendToFile = true
// When true, output is echoed to stdout
public static var echo = false
// When non-nil, output is redirected to the specified file path
public static func redirectOutputToPath(path: String?) {
if let path = path {
if !isRedirected {
// Set up if this is new redirection
var pos = UnsafeMutablePointer<fpos_t>.alloc(1)
fgetpos(stderr, pos)
fpos = pos.memory
fd = dup(fileno(stderr))
if appendToFile {
freopen(path, "a", stderr)
} else {
freopen(path, "w", stderr)
isRedirected_ = true
} else {
if !isRedirected {
// do not respond if not redirected
dup2(fd, fileno(stderr))
fsetpos(stderr, &fpos)
isRedirected_ = false
public static let stream = StderrOutputStream()
public func write(string: String) {
fputs(string, stderr)
if StderrOutputStream.echo && StderrOutputStream.isRedirected {fputs(string, stdout)}
public var errStream =
func swlog(format : String, args : CVarArgType...) {
println(String(format: format, arguments: args), &errStream)

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@danielphillips danielphillips commented May 23, 2015

What's with the underscore suffix in your private member - private static var isRedirected_ = false
Is this just a preference vs a prefixed underscore or is this preferred in Swift?

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