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Last active January 22, 2022 05:37
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Book Ideas

  • Preview Power: AKA free, fun, no fotoshop. If you've taken my webinar on this, you pretty much know what's involved. Lots of stuff with a surprisingly powerful features that not a lot of people know about.
  • ed-ucation: Write a book on using ed because it's the best editor ever and it's more or less guaranteed to be available on every *nix ever. g/re/p for life. Plus nods to sed, vi, etc.
  • hidden macOS gems: uncovering the coolness that's already there on your machine.
  • Swift at the Command Line: from emitting proper exit codes to using the argument parser, input and output streams, etc. More involved than the webinar, and can extend to coloring text at the command line, curses, etc depending on how obscure I get. Or I can pull back and focus just on the argument parser.
  • Xcode Power Up: If you've attended my webinar, you know what this is. Twists and secrets.
  • Zero to SwiftPM: If you've attended my webinar, you know what this is.
  • N Unix Obscurities (BSD and GNU): great but overlooked tools.
  • PowerGist: Amusing yourself with Gists, and the fact that they are fully functional git repos.
  • Small Silly Sequences (and other puzzles) A follow up to the numeric brainteasers.
  • Self Pub tools: Using text based markdown to build books/self pubbing. The market is saturated.
  • Swift Style 3rd edition: You know the gist. (No pun intended.)
  • Swift Doc: Moving my self-published to a full book on syntax, style, best practices, tools.
  • How to unf*ck things with git: I'm probably not the right person for this, and I'm reflogging myself because of that.
  • Puzzles for Programmers: Creating various styles of puzzles and the code that drives them.
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aijaz commented Jan 22, 2022

My votes for top 3 (in order of preference):

  1. N Unix Obscurities
  2. PowerGist
  3. ed-ucation

Now that I think of it, ed-ucation could be a chapter in "N Unix Obscurities"

Which would make room at number 3 for "Hidden macOS gems"

But I would read any of them, if you wrote it

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