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convertmp4: A bash shell script to make the calls to ffmpeg a little simpler for converting OBS .flv output to .mp4
# this will call ffmeg to convert a .flv to a .mp4
# NOTE: ffmeg is expected to be install and in your path
# usage: convertmp4 infile.flv
# output will be a .mp4 file in the same directory
# Example:
# convertmp4 /Users/myname/Movies/obsrecording.flv
# will create
# /Users/myname/Movies/obsrecording.mp4
echo "usage: $(basename "$0") infile.flv"
# only takes one parameter
if [ $# -ne 1 ] ; then
echo "Illegal number of arguments"
exit 1
# only works on .flv files
if [[ $1 =~ \.flv$ ]]; then
'ffmpeg' -i "$1" -c copy -copyts "${1%.*}.mp4"
echo "Filename should end with .flv"
exit 1
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