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Eric Kascic erickascic

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View converge output
Cloudformation Stack: dbartifact1591641494-prod-clone
View delete-stack
aws cloudformation delete-stack --stack-name dbartifact1591641494-prod-clone
View db-artifact-converge
db-artifact-converge --db_password newfangledpassword123
View artifact-config.ini
source_db_cluster_id = production-cluster
subnet_ids = source 
instance_type = db.r4.xlarge
View DynamoDB Policy
- Effect: Allow
- dynamodb:DescribeTable
- dynamodb:DeleteTable
- dynamodb:CreateTable
Resource: '*'
# arn:aws:dynamodb:us-east-1:324320755747:table/cfn-leaprog-1586791962-myDynamoDBTable-*
View scrape:create_stack
git clone
cd cfn-leaprog
bundle install
#edit the values in spec/test_templates/parameters/ddb.json
rake scrape:create_stack[spec/test_templates/DynamoDB_Table.template,spec/test_templates/parameters/ddb.json]
View ct:create_stack
# do once at startup
rake ct:infra
# the main event
# this will emit the IAM role ARN used for convergence
# For example: arn:aws:iam::11111111111:role/cfn-leaprog-1586791962
rake ct:create_stack[spec/test_templates/DynamoDB_Table.template,spec/test_templates/parameters/ddb.json]
# after waiting a number of minutes for CloudTrail to catch up, this generates the policy document
# use the ARN generated by create_stack as the argument
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