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Instruct Windows explorer to run an application using its own integrity level
; Run what we installed. Use a trick on Vista+ to run as non-Admin
GetDLLVersion "Kernel32.dll" $R0 $R1
IntOp $R2 $R0 >> 16
IntOp $R2 $R2 & 0x0000FFFF ; $R2 now contains major version
IntCmp $R2 6 is6 lessthan6 morethan6
exec '"$WINDIR\explorer.exe" "$INSTDIR\sr.exe"' ; We use Explorer to launch it to get it to run non-elevated
goto RanIt
exec '"$INSTDIR\sr.exe"' ; No UAC on XP, but Authenticode prompts if we try to use Explorer to launch app
StrCpy $9 "Success"
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