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Cryptopals Set 8

Cryptopals is a set of cryptographic challenges, originally published here:

Set 8 of the challenges was never published publicly, until late March 2018. However the cryptopals website was not updated to include the challenges. This gist compiles the 8th set of the Cryptopals challenges.

title link
57. Diffie-Hellman Revisited: Small Subgroup Confinement
58. Pollard's Method for Catching Kangaroos
59. Elliptic Curve Diffie-Hellman and Invalid-Curve Attacks
60. Single-Coordinate Ladders and Insecure Twists
61. Duplicate-Signature Key Selection in ECDSA (and RSA)
62. Key-Recovery Attacks on ECDSA with Biased Nonces
63. Key-Recovery Attacks on GCM with Repeated Nonces
64. Key-Recovery Attacks on GCM with a Truncated MAC
65. Truncated-MAC GCM Revisited: Improving the Key-Recovery Attack via Ciphertext Length Extension
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