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Blockchain Token Economics
  • Token entitles you to earnings based on other participant actions (eg. COSS)
  • Token is burned/bought back at a future date (decreasing supply increases value)
  • Token is required for exclusive abilities/features (participating in hosted ICOs eg. BNB)
  • Token is required as a membership fee, consumed monthly/yearly (eg. Salt)
  • Token is required to be held, but not consumed.
  • Token is required to make operations inside the ecosystem (eg. Ethereum)
  • Token is held purely on speculation of ecosystem demand (eg. B2BX)
  • Token is required for voting purposes (eg. District0x)
  • Token is used to incentivize contributors/miners (eg. 0x, ChainLink)
  • Token must be purchased by app developers to allow users to interact freely.
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