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Initial properties to get system data and variable
initialProperties: {
moneyFormat: {
qStringExpression: '=MoneyFormat'
qMeasureListDef: {
qType: "measure",
qData: {
qMeasure: "/qMeasure"
qDimensionListDef: {
qType: "dimension",
qData: {
qDim: "/qDim",
qDimInfos: "/qDimInfos"
qVariableListDef: {
qType: "variable",
qShowReserved: true,
qShowConfig: true
qFieldListDef: {
qShowSystem: true,
qShowHidden: true,
qShowSemantic: true,
qShowSrcTables: true,
qShowDerivedFields: true,
qShowImplicit: true
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