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Erlang error_handler replacement
-export([undefined_function/3, undefined_lambda/3]).
undefined_lambda(M, F, A) -> error_handler:undefined_lambda(M, F, A).
undefined_function(M, F, A) ->
io:format("Lookup for module ~p~n", [M]),
Name = lists:flatten(io_lib:format("~p.ex", [M])),
case file:read_file_info(Name) of
{error, _} -> error_handler:undefined_function(M, F, A);
{ok, _} -> elixir_method_lookup(atom_to_list(M), F, A)
elixir_method_lookup(M, F, A) when is_list(M) ->
ZZ = (catch elixir:file(M++".ex")),
io:format("eval path ~p (~p)~n", [M++".ex", ZZ]),
Klass = string:join([[string:to_upper(H)]++T || [H|T] <- string:tokens(M, "_")], ""),
io:format("make lookup for module ~p~n", [Klass]),
case (catch elixir_constants:lookup(list_to_atom(Klass))) of
#elixir_module__{name = ExMod} ->
apply(ExMod, F, [[]|A]);
_Else ->
io:format("Error for ~p~n", [_Else]),
error_handler:undefined_function(list_to_atom(M), F, A)
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