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Last active Aug 29, 2015
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def get_field(item, key):
"""Returns key from the sourceResource as a list of strings."""
values = item[u'sourceResource'].get(key, [u' '])
if isinstance(values, basestring):
values = [values]
return values
def get_text(f, json_data):
for each in json_data:
title = get_field(each, u'title')
title = title[-1]
description = get_field(each, u'description')
description = description[-1]
subjects = []
for subj_info in get_field(each, u'subject'):
subj = subj_info[u'name']
subject = u', '.join(subjects)
data = u'{}; {}; {}.\n'.format(title, description, subject)
# Write the sentence to the 'text_results' file
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