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Bash Aliases for Symfony
#symfony aliases
alias sf="php bin/console"
alias sfp="php bin/console --env=prod"
alias sft="php bin/console --env=test"
alias sfcc="php bin/console cache:clear"
alias sfcw="php bin/console cache:warmup"
# symfony router
alias sfrouter="php bin/console debug:router"
# doctrine
alias dodbcreate="php bin/console doctrine:database:create"
alias dodbdrop="php bin/console doctrine:database:drop"
alias dofixload="php bin/console doctrine:fixtures:load"
alias dogen="php bin/console doctrine:generate:entities"
alias domigd="php bin/console doctrine:migrations:diff"
alias domigx="php bin/console doctrine:migrations:execute"
alias domigm="php bin/console doctrine:migrations:migrate"
alias domigs="php bin/console doctrine:migrations:status"
alias doschc="php bin/console doctrine:schema:create"
alias doschd="php bin/console doctrine:schema:drop"
alias doschu="php bin/console doctrine:schema:update"
alias doschv="php bin/console doctrine:schema:validate"
# symfony encore
alias en="yarn run encore dev"
alias enw="yarn run encore dev --watch"
alias enp="yarn run encore production"
alias my="mysql -u root -p"
alias lamp-status="sudo systemctl status mysqld httpd"
alias lamp-start="sudo systemctl start mysqld httpd"
alias lamp-stop="sudo systemctl stop mysqld httpd"
alias lamp-restart="sudo systemctl restart mysqld httpd"
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