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Scrape the performance data from ROH collections
# URL:
performances <- c()
for (i in 0:233){
site_perf <- paste0("",
print(site_perf) # optional print to see the progress
html_perf <- read_html(site_perf)
cast_perf <- html_nodes(html_perf, "tr td") %>% html_text()
performances <- append(performances, cast_perf)
# turn into a data frame - splits the vector into a 4-column DF
perfdf <-, ncol = 4, byrow = T))
colnames(perfdf) <- c("Title", "Date", "DayTime", "Company") # rename columns
# turn Date column into date type
perfdf$Date <- as.Date(perfdf$Date, format = "%d %B %Y")
write.csv(perfdf, "perfdf.csv", row.names = F)
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