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Created Nov 21, 2019
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[["9:00AM - 9:10AM" {:speaker "Welcome"}]
["9:10AM - 9:50AM"
[{:speaker "Derek Troy-West",
:title "Follow the Data: Product Development in Clojure",
:link ""}]]
["10:00AM - 10:40AM"
[{:speaker "Ariel Ortiz",
:title "The Hitchhikers Guide to Multiparadigm Programming",
:link ""}]]
["10:50AM - 11:30AM"
[{:speaker "Lucas Cavalcanti",
:title "Complex Made Bearable",
:link ""}]]
["11:30AM - 1:00PM"
[{:speaker "LUNCH",
["1:00PM - 1:40PM"
[{:speaker "Santiago Gepigon III",
:title "piggy: Specs for Breaking Changes",
{:speaker "Alexander Oloo",
:title "From Lazy Lisper to Confident Clojurist",
:link ""}]]
["1:50PM - 2:30PM"
[{:speaker "Mark Bastian",
:title "Defeating the Four Horsemen of the Coding Apocalypse",
:link ""}
{:speaker "J.D. Hollis",
:title "Datomic with Terraform",
:link ""}]]
["2:40PM - 3:20PM"
[{:speaker "Dom Kiva-Meyer",
:title "Fixing Airplanes with Clojure",
:link ""}
{:speaker "John Collins",
:title "Clojure for Robotics",
:link ""}]]
["3:20PM - 3:50PM" ["BREAK"]]
["3:50PM - 4:30PM"
[{:speaker "Dragan Djuric",
:title "Interactive Programming for Artificial Intelligence",
:link ""}]]
["4:40PM - 5:30PM"
[{:speaker "Stuart Halloway",
:title "Sherlock Holmes, Consulting Developer",
:link ""}]]
["7:00PM - 10:00PM" [{:speaker "UNSESSIONS/LIGHTNING TALKS"}]]]
[["9:00AM - 9:10AM" [{:speaker "Welcome"}]]
["9:10AM - 9:50AM" [{:speaker "Gene Kim" :talk "TBD"}]]
["10:00AM - 10:40AM" [{:speaker "Chris Nuernberger"
:title "Extending Clojure with Python"
:link ""}
{:speaker "Avi Flax"
:title "(Architecture) Diagrams as Data"
:link ""}]]
["10:50AM - 11:30AM" [{:speaker "Alexander Yakushev"
:title "A New Age of JVM Garbage Collectors"
:link ""}
{:speaker "Chris Oakman"
:title "Probabilistic Record Linkage of Hospital Patients"
:link ""}]]
["11:30AM - 1:00PM" [{:speaker "" :title "LUNCH"}]]
["1:00PM - 1:40PM" [{:speaker "Pier Federico Gherardini & Ben Kamphaus"
:title "Clojure Where it Counts: Tidying Data Science Workflows"
:link ""}
{:speaker "Wilker Silva"
:title "The Maximal Graph"
:link ""}]]
["1:50PM - 2:30PM" [{:speaker "Dennis Heihoff"
:title "The Embodied Runtime"
:link ""}
{:speaker "Eno Compton & Tyler van Hensbergen"
:title "Goodbye YAML: Infrastructure as Code in Clojure"
:link ""}]]
["2:40PM - 3:20PM" [{:speaker "Tom Toor"
:title "Why Build Solutions with Fulcro"
:link ""}
{:speaker "Scarlet Spectacular"
:title "Ghost in the Generative Shell"
:link ""}]]
["3:20PM - 3:50PM" [{:speaker "BREAK" :title ""}]]
["3:50PM - 4:30PM" [{:speaker "Thomas Gebert & Nick Misturak"
:title "Distributed Hash Tables, Video, and Fun!"
:link ""}]]
["4:40PM - 5:30PM" [{:speaker "Matthew Flatt"
:title "A Racket Perspective on Research, Education, and Production"
:link ""}]]
["7:00PM - 10:00PM" [{:speaker "Party at Boxcar Arcade"}]]]
[["9:00AM - 9:10AM" [{:speaker "welcome"}]]
["9:10AM - 9:50AM" [{:speaker "Philipp Meier"
:title "A magic trashcan - microprocessors for full stack developers"}]]
["10:00AM - 10:40AM" [{:speaker "Sara Kimmich"
:title "Rapid Prototyping for Software Development"}]]
["10:50AM - 11:30AM" [{:speaker "Ulrich Schaechtle"
:title "Inference QL: Al for data engineers in Clojure"}]]
["11:40AM - 12:10PM" [{:speaker "Alex Miller"
:title "Composable Tools"}]]]}
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