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Bryan Maass escherize

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escherize / gist:4004858
Created Nov 2, 2012 — forked from lambdabaa/gist:4004776
ClassDojo Coding Challenge: Finding the Minimum Weight Path Through a Matrix
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Finding the Minimum Weight Path Through a Matrix

Consider a matrix of integers (ie [[3, 1, 4], [1, 5, 9], [2, 6, 5]]). For a better visual, we can draw this matrix like so:

| 3 1 4 |
| 1 5 9 |
| 2 6 5 |

escherize / gist:5217856
Created Mar 21, 2013
getting setup for pygame on mac
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add to the end of your ~/.profile (or ~/.bash_profile):
export PATH=/usr/local/bin:$PATH
install brew:
ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
install XQuartz:
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import random
class BigBoard():
def __init__(self):
_ = range(1,33);random.shuffle(_)
self.board = _[:32]
self.previous_number = 0
self.P1_MARK = " X"
self.P2_MARK = " O"
self.mark = self.P1_MARK
self.cpu_tries = 5

Send in the runa work


Complete the email

Fix Dbg in test file.

Send Alex files

super thesaurus (wordless)

build database (via elastic search wikipedia river [building now]!)

from wiki

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;; Bryan.el -- Bryan Maass's emacs cfgs
;; theme
(load-theme 'solarized-dark 't)
;; html stuff
(require 'web-mode)
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room-dimensions [[15.25 11.25] [11.5 13.5] [12.5 9.75]]
total-sq-ft 1267
price 3635
room-sizes (171.5625 155.25 121.875)
cost-per-sq-foot 3635/1267
common-space 818.3125
common-space-pp 163.6625
area-per-room [498.8875 318.9125 285.5375]
cost-per-room (1431.2991811365428 914.9541732438831 819.2019041041831)
let result: ("1431.30" "914.95" "819.20")
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[:require [ :refer :all]])
(defn rent-finder [{:keys [room-dimensions total-sq-ft price] :as apt-info}]
(print-let [room-dimensions room-dimensions
total-sq-ft total-sq-ft
price price
room-sizes (for [[w h] room-dimensions] (* w h))
cost-per-sq-foot (/ price total-sq-ft)
common-space (- total-sq-ft (apply + room-sizes))


Why el-get?

Problem: Emacs package managment sucks. ELPA breaks your shit. Solution: El-get is the answer, but:

Problem: There’s nowhere to checkout all the cool el-get recipes. Solution: El-Get Hub, a place to share that stuff.

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(setq ring-bell-function
(lambda () (message "*beep*"))) ; dont beep outloud, thats rude.


Interaction design

Create the layout of the interface

Define Interaction patterns best suited in the context

Incorporate user needs collected during User Research, into the designs

Features and Information that are important to the user

Interface behavior like drag-drop, selections, mouse over actions, and so on

Effectively communicate strengths of the system

Make the interface intuitive by building affordances

Maintain consistency throughout the system

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