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bundle exec cucumber features fails on thoughtbot/paperclip
Failing Scenarios:
cucumber features/basic_integration.feature:11 # Scenario: Filesystem integration test
cucumber features/rake_tasks.feature:14 # Scenario: Paperclip refresh thumbnails task
Because of this:
Feature: Rake tasks
Background: # features/rake_tasks.feature:3
Given I generate a new rails application # features/step_definitions/rails_steps.rb:1
No such file or directory - rails -v (Errno::ENOENT)
./features/support/rails.rb:31:in ``'
./features/support/rails.rb:31:in `framework_version'
./features/support/rails.rb:27:in `framework_version?'
./features/support/rails.rb:35:in `new_application_command'
./features/step_definitions/rails_steps.rb:3:in `/^I generate a new rails application$/'
features/rake_tasks.feature:4:in `Given I generate a new rails application'
And I run a rails generator to generate a "User" scaffold with "name:string" # features/step_definitions/rails_steps.rb:21
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