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This is the solution for the Codewars Kata: Welcome!
function greet(language) {
var database = {
english: "Welcome",
czech: "Vitejte",
danish: "Velkomst",
dutch: "Welkom",
estonian: "Tere tulemast",
finnish: "Tervetuloa",
flemish: "Welgekomen",
french: "Bienvenue",
german: "Willkommen",
irish: "Failte",
italian: "Benvenuto",
latvian: "Gaidits",
lithuanian: "Laukiamas",
polish: "Witamy",
spanish: "Bienvenido",
swedish: "Valkommen",
welsh: "Croeso"
for (var key in database)
if (key == language)
return database[key];
return database["english"];
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