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Grant M Defayette etteyafed

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SELECT * FROM DocumentsUploadConfig WHERE DocumentType in ('Essay', 'LPN Program Classes') AND sectionid in (select id from supplementalsection where formsubsectionid in (select id from ApplicationFormSubsection where formsectionid in (select id from ApplicationFormSection where formid = @application_form_id)));
USE unicas_config;
SELECT * FROM DocumentsUploadConfig WHERE DocumentType in ('Essay', 'LPN Program Classes') AND formsubsectionid in (
select id from ApplicationFormSubsection where formsectionid in (
select id from ApplicationFormSection where formid = 6412));
View list_compare.psudo.rb
master_r4 = CSV.parse('/Users/grantdefayette/Documents/rails40-master-1.csv'))
master_r3 = CSV.parse('/Users/grantdefayette/Documents/rails31-master-1.csv'))
nf11481_r4 = CSV.parse('/Users/grantdefayette/Documents/general_comb_rails4.csv'))
nf11481_r3 = CSV.parse('/Users/grantdefayette/Documents/general_comb_rails3.csv'))
hash_ma4 = { |r| h =; h[r[2].to_i] = [r[8], r[4], r[8], r[3]]; h }
hash_ks4 = { |r| h =; h[r[0].to_i] = [r[1], r[2], r[3], r[4]]; h }
hhma4 =; hma4.each { |h| hhma4[h.first.key] = h.first.value }
etteyafed / IFSQL.sql
Created May 7, 2014
IFSQL... if only
View IFSQL.sql
d.order_id AS OrderID,
o.ship_date AS ShipDate,
a.shipping_company AS ShippingCompany,
a.shipping_city AS ShippingCity,
a.shipping_state AS ShippingState,
a.shipping_zip AS ShippingZip,
d.client_reference AS ClientReference,
m.carrier AS Carrier,
etteyafed / keeper.rb
Last active Aug 29, 2015
Simple house keeping script. Archives old files.
View keeper.rb
require 'time'
require 'date'
class Keeper
EXPIRE_TIME = 1209600 # 14 days
def initialize(path)
@root =
@client_folders = {}
View missing_inventory.sql
o.order_id as 'NEG order',
d.client_reference as 'Order number',
o.status as 'Order status', as 'Product name',
p.sku as 'SKU',
p.upc as 'Barcode',
SUM(i.quantity) as 'Order calls for',
SUM(IFNULL(y.available, 0)) as 'Available',
SUM(IFNULL(y.allocated, 0)) as 'Allocated to other orders',
etteyafed / fix_pack.sql
Created Oct 22, 2013
View fix_pack.sql
insert into
order_pickpack (order_id, product_id, container_id, quantity)
'101813.2886', product_id, container_id, allocated
transaction_id = 9450767;
update order_inventory
View FileReader.rb
class FileReader
def self.read_file(text, file_delim, field_delim)
result = []
lines_array = text.split([file_delim].pack('H*'))
lines_array.each do |line|
result << fields = line.split([field_delim].pack('H*'))
fields.each do |field|
puts field
etteyafed / activemapper_gist.rb
Created Oct 9, 2013
The "ActiveMapper" concept. Some terms could use refactoring.
View activemapper_gist.rb
require 'active_record'
require 'yaml'
require 'pry'
dbconfig = YAML::load_file('config/database.yml')
class String
def camelize
self.split('_').map {|w| w.capitalize}.join
View update_shipping_method.sql
update order_details
set shipment_method_id = 'i2U12R'
where order_id in
client_id = 'artkohlcom' and status <> 'Shipped' and status <> 'Cancelled'
etteyafed / incursion_generator.vb
Created Nov 21, 2012
Temporal Incursion Generator
View incursion_generator.vb
Imports System.Transactions
Class TemporalIncursionGenerator
Public Property ClientID As String
Public Property TransactionID As String
Public Property UserID As String
Private transaction_table As New DataTable
Private query_command As New System.Text.StringBuilder("")
Private command As New MySqlCommand()
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