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Created May 10, 2017
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HITCON CTF 2016 Secure Posts 1
from flask import Flask
import config
# init app
app = Flask(__name__)
app.secret_key = config.flag1
accept_datatype = ['json', 'yaml']
from flask import Response
from flask import request, session
from flask import redirect, url_for, safe_join, abort
from flask import render_template_string
# load utils
def load_eval(data):
return eval(data)
def load_pickle(data):
import pickle
return pickle.loads(data)
def load_json(data):
import json
return json.loads(data)
def load_yaml(data):
import yaml
return yaml.load(data)
# dump utils
def dump_eval(data):
return repr(data)
def dump_pickle(data):
import pickle
return pickle.dumps(data)
def dump_json(data):
import json
return json.dumps(data)
def dump_yaml(data):
import yaml
return yaml.dump(data)
def render_template(filename, **args):
with open(safe_join(app.template_folder, filename)) as f:
template =
name = session.get('name', 'anonymous')[:10]
return render_template_string(template.format(name=name), **args)
def load_posts():
handlers = {
# disabled insecure data type
#"eval": load_eval,
#"pickle": load_pickle,
"json": load_json,
"yaml": load_yaml
datatype = session.get("post_type", config.default_datatype)
data = session.get("post_data", config.default_data)
if datatype not in handlers: abort(403)
return handlers[datatype](data)
def store_posts(posts, datatype):
handlers = {
"eval": dump_eval,
"pickle": dump_pickle,
"json": dump_json,
"yaml": dump_yaml
if datatype not in handlers: abort(403)
data = handlers[datatype](posts)
session["post_type"] = datatype
session["post_data"] = data
def index():
posts = load_posts()
return render_template('index.html', posts = posts, accept_datatype = accept_datatype)
@app.route('/post', methods=['POST'])
def add_post():
posts = load_posts()
title = request.form.get('title', 'empty')
content = request.form.get('content', 'empty')
datatype = request.form.get('datatype', 'json')
if datatype not in accept_datatype: abort(403)
name = request.form.get('author', 'anonymous')[:10]
from datetime import datetime
'title': title,
'author': name,
'content': content,
'date':"%B %d, %Y %X")
session["name"] = name
store_posts(posts, datatype)
return redirect(url_for('index'))
def get_source():
with open(__file__, "r") as f:
resp =
return Response(resp, mimetype="text/plain")
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