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Lev Gorodinski eulerfx

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<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<feed xmlns="">
<title>Example Feed</title>
<subtitle>A subtitle.</subtitle>
<link href="" rel="self" />
<name>John Doe</name>
eulerfx / FuncRetryHelper.cs
Created Mar 22, 2012
Function retry logic
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public static Func<T> Retry(Func<T> original, int retryCount)
return () =>
while (true)
return original();
eulerfx / TaskHelper.cs
Created Mar 22, 2012
TPL retry logic
View TaskHelper.cs
/// <summary>
/// Utility methods for <see cref="System.Threading.Tasks.Task"/>.
/// </summary>
public static class TaskHelper
/// <summary>
/// Returns a task which retries the task returned by the specified task provider.
/// </summary>
/// <typeparam name="TResult"></typeparam>
/// <param name="taskProvider">The task returning function.</param>
eulerfx / PurchaseOrder.cs
Last active Aug 21, 2019
An example or a DDD application service.
View PurchaseOrder.cs
// A repository.
public interface IPurchaseOrderRepository
PurchaseOrder Get(string id);
// The commit method would likely be moved to a Unit of Work managed by infrastructure.
void Commit();
// A marker interface for a domain event.
public interface IDomainEvent { }
View Order.cs
public class Order
public string Id { get; private set; }
public string Number { get; private set; }
public string CustomerId { get; private set; }
public DateTime Date { get; private set; }
public ICollection<OrderLineItem> Items { get; private set; }
public decimal ShippingCharge { get; private set; }
public decimal TaxCharge { get; private set; }
public decimal Total
View IOrderRepository.cs
public interface IOrderRepository
Order Get(string Id);
IList<Order> GetMostRecent(string customerId, int max = 20);
void Add(Order order);
void Remove(string Id);
eulerfx / IOrderRepository.GetMostRecent.sql
Created Apr 26, 2012
IOrderRepository.GetMostRecent SQL
View IOrderRepository.GetMostRecent.sql
select top(@max)
Total = o.TaxCharge + o.ShippingCharge + (select sum(i.Amount * i.Quantity) from OrderLineItems i where i.OrderId = o.Id)
from Orders o
where o.CustomerId = @customerId
order by o.Date desc
View OrderReadModel.cs
public OrderReadModel
public string Id { get; private set; }
public string OrderNumber { get; private set; }
public DateTime Date { get; private set; }
public decimal Total { get; private set; }
eulerfx / UserProfile_AlwaysValid.cs
Created May 20, 2012
Always valid user profile
View UserProfile_AlwaysValid.cs
public class UserProfile
public UserProfile(string name)
this.Name = name;
public string Name
get { return _name; }
View UserProfile_ValidationDeferred.cs
public class UserProfile
public string Name { get; set; }
// implementation omitted
public bool IsValid { get; }
var profile = new UserProfile();
// must query to ascertain validity
if (!profile.IsValid)
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