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gone fishing

Evadne Wu evadne

gone fishing
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View Shake Window Horizontally
- (void) shakeWindowHorizontally:(NSWindow *)inWindow duration:(float)inDuration vigour:(float)inVigour times:(int)inTimes {
// [self shakeWindowHorizontally:window duration:0.5 vigour:0.05 times:8];
CAKeyframeAnimation *shakeAnimation = [CAKeyframeAnimation animation];
NSRect inFrame = [inWindow frame];
CGMutablePathRef shakePath = CGPathCreateMutable();
CGPathMoveToPoint(shakePath, NULL, NSMinX(inFrame), NSMinY(inFrame));
int index;
View Flickr API methods that you call via HTTP POST, and how to easily identify them
@"flickr.blogs.postPhoto", \
@"flickr.favorites.add", \
@"flickr.favorites.remove", \
@"flickr.groups.pools.add", \
@"flickr.groups.pools.remove", \
@"", \
@"", \
@"", \
@"", \
* AppKit
* Created by Nicholas Small.
* Copyright 2009, 280 North, Inc.
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or
* modify it under the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public
* License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either
View Adding Accessory View to NSWindow.m
- (void) setAccessoryView: (NSView *)view {
if (view == nil) {
[accessoryView removeFromSuperview];
NSView *themeFrame = [[self contentView] superview];
View provide_html5.js
// Attempt to make a drop-and-forget bunch of scripts that mimick some missing html5 goodies automatically
// Example:
// $(document).ready(function() {
// ProvideHtml5.autofocus()
// ProvideHtml5.datepicker()
// ProvideHtml5.forcenumber()
// })
var ProvideHtml5 = {
autofocus = function() {
View gist:284411
01:10:57 evadne at Tacitus ~ $ capp gen testingApplication
Creating Frameworks directory in /Volumes/Data/testingApplication/Frameworks.
Copying /usr/local/narwhal/packages/objective-j/Frameworks/Objective-J to /Volumes/Data/testingApplication/Frameworks/Objective-J
Copying /usr/local/narwhal/packages/objective-j/Frameworks/Debug/Objective-J to /Volumes/Data/testingApplication/Frameworks/Debug/Objective-J
Copying /usr/local/narwhal/packages/cappuccino/Frameworks/Foundation to /Volumes/Data/testingApplication/Frameworks/Foundation
Copying /usr/local/narwhal/packages/cappuccino/Frameworks/Debug/Foundation to /Volumes/Data/testingApplication/Frameworks/Debug/Foundation
Copying /usr/local/narwhal/packages/cappuccino/Frameworks/AppKit to /Volumes/Data/testingApplication/Frameworks/AppKit
Copying /usr/local/narwhal/packages/cappuccino/Frameworks/Debug/AppKit to /Volumes/Data/testingApplication/Frameworks/Debug/AppKit
01:10:57 evadne at Tacitus ~ $ capp gen testingApplicationLinked -l
evadne / .siFancyScrollbar.less
Created Feb 20, 2010
Fancy Scrollbar (in WebKit). Written using LESS, needs gem to compile down to regular .CSS.
View .siFancyScrollbar.less
.siFancyScrollbar {
::-webkit-scrollbar-button:end:decrement {
width: 9px;
height: 9px;
evadne / monoValidate.js
Created Feb 21, 2010
monoValidate (yup, with an easter egg)
View monoValidate.js
// monoValidate.js by Evadne Wu, this version retrieved 2010. 02. 21. New BSD.
// Library required: jQuery. Evadne is reachable thru
// Notice: malformed URIs galore and our URI schema has not been tested against with many real-world cases yet.
function monoValidate(stringToBeValidated, proposedCategory) {
// So we can leniently call monoValidate to validate against nothing; that way everything that is not required to be validated is valid
View helveticSafari.css
/* helveticSafari shoos Arial away for Safari / WebKit users. Safari — Preferences — Advanced — Style Sheet. */
@font-face {
font-family: "Arial";
src: local("Helvetica");
evadne / plNews.js
Created Mar 13, 2010
Punchy Live’s twitter interactivity engine that is going to be polished and extended into monoTwitterEngine
View plNews.js
// plNews.js
Delegate methods:
plNewsDidReceiveNewerTweets to delegate object
plNewsDidReceiveOlderTweets to delegate object
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