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Sites: (simple bookmarking for putting links off till later) (taggable bookmarking for saving links forever) (managing all your phones, free texting, transcriptions) (RSS reader) (mail) (best source of help for programming) (getting at my files on teh go) (better than gotomeeting, less annoying, free) (good start page with keyboard shortcuts) (social coding)
tumblr (my favorite blogging platform)
disqus (the best commenting system on the web) (tracking my finance, budgets)
textmate (best all around text editor on the mac)
cloudapp (the easiest way to upload/share files on the mac)
Notify 2 (simple mail client)
Postbox Express (powerful replacement)
Notational Velocity (best note/stickies program, syncs with simplenote on ipad/iphone)
Simpletext (syncs simple txt files for writeroom/taskpaper)
Dropbox (syncs files across all my computers/devices)
Caffeine (forces mac monitors to stay on for netflix/hulu)
1Password (saves and keeps track of all my passwords and application keys)
TextExpander (speeds up my typing)
Bowtie (beautiful itunes display)
Cinch (the missing zoom button for mac)
Colloquy (IRC client)
Coda (best web editor for mac)
DaisyDisk (find what is clogging your hard drive)
Transmit 3 (best FTP client for mac)
Adium (my favorite chat client)
Launchbar (powerful program for working quickly on mac)
Pixelmator (beautiful image editor)
Taskpaper (todo lists, simple)
VLC (play any video)
git (source control, I use for other files too)
Writeroom (simplified writing)
TeamViewer (simple VNC)
Handbrake (rip DVDs)
Appcleaner (remove the apps that aren't the best)
Reeder (best google reader client on iOS)
Trillian (iphone only, best chat client)
Camera+ (iphone, wonderful camera replacement)
1Password (syncs with desktop, works great)
Taskpaper (todo, syncs with desktop thru simpletext)
Twitter (of course)
Pastebot (clipboard management on iphone, clever sync)
PCalc Lite (best calculator app)
Deliveries (tracks packages, syncs with dashboard app)
Gowalla (my preferred check in program)
iSSH (best ssh app on iOS)
TeamViewer (VNC app)
Kindle (book reader)
RedLaser (useful barcode scanner)
Colloquy (IRC client)
Square (I accept credit cards now)
simplenote (syncs with notational velocity, best note taking app)
textexpander touch (speeds up typing on iphone, makes responses easy)
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