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Created Apr 15, 2020
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# general settings
auto-reload yes
max-items 500
show-read-feeds no
text-width 50
reload-threads 11
# set browser for osx
browser /usr/bin/open -a "/Applications/Brave" '%u'
# style
articlelist-format "%4i %f %D %-20a %-60t %-40T"
datetime-format "%Y-%m-%d"
itemview-title-format "%N %V - Article '%T' (%u unread, %t total)\n"
# unbind keys
unbind-key ENTER
unbind-key j
unbind-key k
unbind-key J
unbind-key K
unbind-key ^D
unbind-key ^U
unbind-key o
unbind-key g
unbind-key G
# bind keys - vim style
bind-key j down
bind-key k up
bind-key l open
bind-key h quit
bind-key ^D pagedown
bind-key ^U pageup
bind-key b toggle-source-view
bind-key U toggle-show-read-feeds
bind-key u show-urls
bind-key g home
bind-key G end
bind-key b open-in-browser-and-mark-read
bind-key B open-in-browser
bind-key i sort
bind-key I rev-sort
# gruvbox
color background default default
color listnormal color245 default
color listnormal_unread default default bold
color listfocus black yellow
color listfocus_unread black yellow bold
color info color245 black bold
color article default default
# highlights
highlight article "^(Title):.*$" blue default
highlight article "https?://[^ ]+" red default
highlight article "\\[image\\ [0-9]+\\]" green default
highlight all "ux" green default
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