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Automating things!

Evert Ramos evertramos

Automating things!
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evertramos / helpers.php
Created Jun 6, 2016 — forked from mabasic/helpers.php
config_path function for Lumen framework
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if ( ! function_exists('config_path'))
* Get the configuration path.
* @param string $path
* @return string
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<div class="form-group" :class="errorClass">
<label :for="slug">{{ title }}</label>
<textarea class="form-control" :id="slug" v-model="model" v-if="isTextarea" v-bind="attrs"></textarea>
<input :type="type" class="form-control" :id="slug" v-model="model" v-if="isInput" v-bind="attrs">
<select class="form-control" :id="slug" v-model="model" v-if="isSelect" v-bind="attrs">
<option :value="option" v-for="option in options">{{ option }}</option>
<span class="help-block" v-show="errors" v-text="errorText"></span>
evertramos / Batch_Script_Download_File.cmd
Last active Mar 7, 2017
File written in batch script (windows) to donwload a file to an specific location - in this example: Excel Start Folder
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:: Desenvolvido por ExcelGuru
:: Script desenvolvido apenas para instalar a extesão
:: do Excel automaticamente e carregar junto com o Excel na abertura.
:: Esta extensão é bem leve e necessária para utilizar a planilha de emissão
:: de recibo de vale transporte.
evertramos /
Last active May 1, 2017 — forked from coolaj86/
How to publish packages to NPM

Getting Started with NPM (as a developer)

If you haven't already set your NPM author info, now you should:

npm set "Your Name"
npm set ""
npm set ""

npm adduser

evertramos /
Created May 11, 2017 — forked from oodavid/
Deploy your site with git

Deploy your site with git

This gist assumes:

  • you have a local git repo
  • with an online remote repository (github / bitbucket etc)
  • and a cloud server (Rackspace cloud / Amazon EC2 etc)
    • your (PHP) scripts are served from /var/www/html/
    • your webpages are executed by apache
  • apache's home directory is /var/www/
evertramos /
Created May 11, 2017 — forked from aronwoost/
Build auto-deploy with php and git(hub) on an EC2 Amazon AMI instance

Kind of continue from the other gist how to install LAMP on an Amazon AMI

##Install git

sudo yum install git-core

##Create ssh directory since it doesn't exists by default on the Amazon AMI

evertramos / mod_TableFunctions
Created Aug 29, 2017
Módulo Excel para trabalhar com tabelas do Excel (tabelas pré-formatadas)
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' -------------------------------------------------------
' Módulo Table Functions
' Possui diversas funções para trabalhar com tabelas
' pré-formatadas no Excel
' Versão: 0.3
' Última atualização: 28/08/2017
evertramos / .profile
Created Aug 29, 2017 — forked from HSBallina/.profile
Git aliases with autocompletion
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echo "Hello World!
alias g="git"
alias ga='git add '
alias gb='git branch '
alias gc='git commit'
alias gd='git diff'
alias gm="git merge"
alias go="git checkout"
evertramos / add_two_times.js
Created Jan 18, 2018 — forked from joseluisq/add_two_times.js
Add two string time values (HH:mm:ss) with javascript
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* Add two string time values (HH:mm:ss) with javascript
* Usage:
* > addTimes('04:20:10', '21:15:10');
* > "25:35:20"
* > addTimes('04:35:10', '21:35:10');
* > "26:10:20"
* > addTimes('30:59', '17:10');
* > "48:09:00"
evertramos / GoogleDriveServiceProvider.php
Created Apr 30, 2018 — forked from sergomet/GoogleDriveServiceProvider.php
Setup a Laravel Storage driver with Google Drive API
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namespace App\Providers;
use Illuminate\Support\ServiceProvider;
class GoogleDriveServiceProvider extends ServiceProvider
* Bootstrap the application services.