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Maya: Subdivide Joints
import maya.cmds as cmds
Split joint chain between 2 joints (parent/child).
Usage Example:
jnts =, type='joint')
subdivide_joints(jnts[0], jnts[1], 4)
def subdivide_joints (jointA, jointB, segments=2):
newJnts = [jointA]
dist = cmds.getAttr('{}.tx'.format(jointB)) / segments
for i in xrange(1, segments):
newJnt = cmds.duplicate(jointA, po=True)[0]
if len(newJnts):
cmds.parent(newJnt, newJnts[-1])
cmds.setAttr('{}.tx'.format(newJnt), dist)
cmds.parent(newJnt, jointA)
cmds.parent(jointB, newJnts[-1])
return newJnts
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