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Emin Yahyayev ewintory

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ewintory / gist:9e63de9c96e4cd097dbc
Created Aug 31, 2015
Gradle: packs the project
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task copyApkForZip(type: Copy) {
from 'build/outputs/apk'
into '../apk'
include '**/app-release.apk'
task zipBackup(type: Zip) {
dependsOn "copyApkForZip"
exclude "**/build"
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"configuration": {
"navdrawer_extra_1_url": "",
"navdrawer_extra_2_url": "",
"navdrawer_extra_3_url": "",
"navdrawer_extra_4_url": ""
"tabs": [
"active": true,
ewintory /
Created Feb 16, 2016 — forked from pyricau/
Sending Leak Traces to a Slack Channel (and HipChat, see the comments)
import android.util.Log;
import com.squareup.leakcanary.AnalysisResult;
import com.squareup.leakcanary.DisplayLeakService;
import com.squareup.leakcanary.HeapDump;
import retrofit.RestAdapter;
import retrofit.RetrofitError;
import retrofit.http.Multipart;
import retrofit.http.POST;
import retrofit.http.Part;
import retrofit.mime.TypedFile;
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