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Created Mar 20, 2018
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# This configuration file is used to manage the behavior of the Salt Master.
# Values that are commented out but have an empty line after the comment are
# defaults that do not need to be set in the config. If there is no blank line
# after the comment then the value is presented as an example and is not the
# default.
# Salt supports a modular fileserver backend system, this system allows
# the salt master to link directly to third party systems to gather and
# manage the files available to minions. Multiple backends can be
# configured and will be searched for the requested file in the order in which
# they are defined here. The default setting only enables the standard backend
# "roots" which uses the "file_roots" option.
# - roots
# To use multiple backends list them in the order they are searched:
# - git
# - roots
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