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Service example with AngularJS for sharing scope data between controllers
<!doctype html>
<html ng-app="project">
<title>Angular: Service example</title>
<script src=""></script>
var projectModule = angular.module('project',[]);
projectModule.factory('theService', function() {
return {
thing : {
x : 100
function FirstCtrl($scope, theService) {
$scope.thing = theService.thing;
$ = "First Controller";
function SecondCtrl($scope, theService) {
$scope.someThing = theService.thing;
$ = "Second Controller!";
<div ng-controller="FirstCtrl">
<input ng-model="thing.x"/>
<div ng-controller="SecondCtrl">
<input ng-model="someThing.x"/>



one test passed.


second test passed.


segmentation fault


does it really work? how do you deal with concurrent access?


@0r1g Yeah, it works. In short, Angular "compiles" the JavaScript and HTML into its own "runtime-thing", where all services are singletons (i.e. one object for each service), and there's a model-view-update loop that fires events as things happen: It is neat.


Would this work when you have controllerAs syntax and don't have implicit inheritance?

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