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public class Hooks : Base
private BrowerType _browserType;
public void InitializeTest()
//Get the value from NUnit-console --params
//e.g. nunit3-console.exe --params:Browser=Firefox \SeleniumNUnitParam.dll
//If nothing specified, test will run in Chrome browser
var browserType = TestContext.Parameters.Get("Browser", "Chrome");
//Parse the browser Type, since its Enum
_browserType = (BrowerType)Enum.Parse(typeof(BrowerType), browserType);
//Pass it to browser
private void ChooseDriverInstance(BrowerType browserType)
if (browserType == BrowerType.Chrome)
Driver = new ChromeDriver();
else if (browserType == BrowerType.Firefox)
FirefoxDriverService service = FirefoxDriverService.CreateDefaultService();
service.FirefoxBinaryPath = @"C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe";
service.HideCommandPromptWindow = true;
service.SuppressInitialDiagnosticInformation = true;
Driver = new FirefoxDriver(service);
else if(browserType == BrowerType.IE)
Driver = new InternetExplorerDriver();
public void CloseBrowser()
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